Somerville Speakup Line: Mayor’s Sister Biggest Offender of Sanctuary City Laws

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

As to my understanding one of the true meanings of a sanctuary city is to as I have underlined below is:
(so that such people will be more willing to report crimes)

The mayor’s sister, the Middlesex County Register of Deeds is the biggest offender to this law and is one who takes advantage of undocumented and illegal immigrants.

My cousin who came to the United States a few years back illegally and overstayed his visa had a painting company. He was here to make a better life for himself and to support his family.

The mayor’s sister Maria hired him to paint her house on Munro Street. The estimate was $3000 that included paint, materials and labor. It was a very big house and my cousin gave her a very good price just to get food on his table. The job was accepted and the paint began. When the job was completed and the time came to pay for the painting, Maria only gave my cousin $1000. When he said to her well you owe me $3000 total as we both agreed. Her response was “Take me to court you’re illegal, I’ll have you deported” then slammed the door in his face. My cousin didn’t want any trouble so he walked away.

Since then a few years have gone by and yes the “Statue of Limitations” law is applied, but my cousin is finally coming forward and will contact you to do an exclusive on the truth how he was ripped off by the mayor’s sister.

Thank you for listening,
An illegal immigrant’s cousin who’s trying to become legal and who is almost there

Definition of a Sanctuary city refers to: municipal jurisdictions, typically in North America and Western Europe, that limit their cooperation with the national government’s effort to enforce immigration law.

Leaders of sanctuary cities say they want to reduce fear of deportation and possible family break-up among people who are in the country illegally, so that such people will be more willing to report crimes, use health and social services, and enroll their children in school. In the United States, municipal policies include prohibiting police or city employees from questioning people about their immigration status and refusing requests by national immigration authorities to detain people beyond their release date, if they were jailed for breaking local law.

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  1. I don’t understand. She is a pillar of the community. Just because she can have underage drinking parties complete with stabbings and nothing happens does not mean she is a bad person. And here she is only using her legal knowledge to not pay more than she has to.

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