Highland Ave Somerville Bleeding, Resisting Arrest, Stabbing, Police Retrieve Knife

By William Tauro

The incident occurred Saturday at about 10:00am at a triple decker home located at 204 Highland Avenue in Somerville.

The Highland Avenue home was the crime scene of an early morning stabbing with people bleeding, resisting arrest and refusing medical treatment. Somerville Police officers retrieved a knife at the scene that is believed to be the weapon used in this crime.

It took the assistance of numerous Somerville Police officers , Firefighters as well as Ambulance paramedics to restrain one man to cuff him and then place him onto a stretcher for medical attention then bring him into the ambulance for medical treatment.

We were told that the man on the stretcher was possibly the assailant who was bloody and resisting arrest who didn’t want to be cuffed after a struggle with the first responders.

Another man as you can see in the photos was being detained on a porch who was being interviewed by police.

This story is still developing…

One thought on “Highland Ave Somerville Bleeding, Resisting Arrest, Stabbing, Police Retrieve Knife”

  1. I use to live at 205 highland ave and the Hanson’s lived next store to me. I remember when that 3decker was put there! It was across the street from us lol crazy world.

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