Former Ward Two Somerville Alderman Gets Taste of Her Own Medicine

By William Tauro

We are hearing that Former Somerville Ward 2 Alderman Maryann Houston is upset of the fact that her $3.2 million dollar property on Beacon Street in Somerville has been downzoned making it very difficult for her to develop it. Was the downzoning intentionally put in place for a political reason, maybe but who knows?

We are also hearing that she is furious that the mayor allegedly fired her live in boyfriend Rick Willette after 14 years working for him as Director of Operations, a cushy DPW job over a disareement as well. Maybe the guy in the corner office and the comish sold his job to someone else, we will have to wait-and-see huh?

Well Madame Alderman how does it feel getting a taste of your own medicine and being betrayed by someone who you were so loyal too and trusted? Not a good feeling huh? It’s called KARMA!

Luckily for you your live-in boyfriend Ricky was taken into the arms of the Somerville Housing Authority Director who provided him a custom-tailored-no-show-job for him via complements of the taxpayers and Somerville Housing Authority. A privilege that many will never experience, but you must have a special touch? Oh no worries, I can assure you that it has been reported to the men in black as well.

I remember back when, we all trusted you and the guy in the corner office to look out for our property rights in ward 2, not asking for any political favors just asking for legitimate protection, but we were betrayed as well. Do you recall? If not maybe I could refresh your memory with this paragraph from a recent article:


The paragraph below is also from the article:

“We are hoping that the new Board of Aldermen can recognize that there is a serious problem here. We are hoping that they will take the necessary steps to re-open that McGrath Highway offramp and tunnel before more business failure begins to emerge.
The former Ward 2 Alderman for that area, the mayor and as well as for the Somerville Chamber of Commerce and maybe a financial institution or two didn’t look out for the ward’s many business owner’s and constituents best interest and wellbeing.

Isn’t that why we have Aldermen and a Chamber of Commerce to help local businesses thrive or should the property and business owners all have to lawyer-up to get this offramp re-opened and have somebody outside the city represent them before failure is upon them?”

I also remember when Madame Alderman first started in politics. I showed up at your first campaign rally meeting where you looked at me and said “I have no idea what this job consist of?” You remember the day don’t you? I remember that day like it was yesterday. Mayor Dorothy Kelly Gay set up the meeting for you, guided you in the right direction and of course you prevailed, you won the election.

But then again after that, you immediately and disgracefully jumped ship on Mayor Gay with a direct stab in the back and jumped on Joe’s bandwagon. Are we remembering this? Karma prevailed. 

So now Madam Alderman, people tell us that “Karma is a bitch”, you can bet on it!

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