Somerville Speakup Line: Its That Time to STOP THE TRANSFER TAX

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

Somerville homeowners you are on the verge of being screwed by your elected officials again. Please contact the Chair of both the Senate and House tell them enough is enough we pay taxes yearly, struggle to keep the pace with increased revauluation increases along with the two and one half percent increase every other year.

If we were to sell we already would pay as much as 40 percent in taxes.

Stop picking our pockets and trying to run us out of our homes. Affordable housing starts with homeowners being able to afford to remain in their homes.

Even though a majority of the community was against this initiative the councilors went forward because of pressure from the socialist silver spooned group from elsewhere that is trying to destroy our fine city.

Hearing at the State House Tuesday June 18, 2019 room B 2. Starting at 5:00 come join me!

Call, text or email these Committee Members and tell them No to the Transfer Tax.

Thanks John L. Sullivan

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