By Bob Katzen

The House gave initial approval to legislation that would amend a current law that requires an amber dome light and the flashing orange lights on the back of ice cream trucks when the truck is parked and serving ice cream. The bill would provide that the law be enforced and would impose a $50 fine for failure to have the lights. It would also require that the operation of the lights be included as part of the truck’s annual inspection.

Although trucks that serve frozen desserts are required to use these lights … the requirement as written includes no enforcement mechanism,” said Rep. Tommy Vitolo (D-Brookline), the sponsor of the bill. “This may have been adequate when Hood was the sole ice cream provider. I believe that it is inadequate today.”

Vitolo said that the bill would increase child safety by serving as a warning to people in their cars that children are present, and that additional caution is warranted. “Clearly articulating the enforcement and penalties for failing to utilize this safety feature will enhance child safety in Massachusetts,” he concluded.


  1. What they neglect to mention is that it’s also the law that when an ice cream truck has these lights flashing it’s illegal (has been for decades) to pass that ice cream truck faster than 15 mph. How about enforcing that too? It’s a moving violation!

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