The Somerville News Weekly Favorite Birthday Photos of the Week

Many Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville! Happy Birthday greetings go out to MaryLou Carey-Sturniolo, Tommy Mahoney, Mark Wahlberg, Gianni Fucile, Ryan Henry, Cathy Tauro, Paula Carroll, Grace Galvin, Conner Whalen, Tori Cyrus, Joey Colarusso, Gianna Dunne, Diana Andrade, Maddie Poplawski, Somerville City Counselor Bill White, Lori Santos Santoro, Wai Lee, Mark Moran, Cole Pefini, Maria Santos Levesque, Anthony P Carvello, Gilbert Ho, June Litwinsky, Dina Lyn, Valery Gangi Banks Allen, David Lee Lyons, Jennifer Dever Wood, Kristen Bush, Frank Zaganjori, Deb Zabriskie, Diana Martins Reilly, Charlie McCarthy, Rebecca Gil, Barbara McKenna-Richardson, Aprile Boos and Happy Birthday to the Dipietro Twins!

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