Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Brian KIPCHUMBA (Defacement, Disorderly)

The following is a summary of the details related to this incident.

On May 21, 2019 at approximately 12:44 hours, while assigned to marked unit West-7, I was dispatched to XXX Powderhouse Blvd for a report of a dispute involving damage to a motor vehicle. Dispatch advised that the individuals involved were Tufts students and that Tufts PD was already at the location. I arrived at the residence with marked unit West-6 Officer Catatao and three Tufts PD officers were already standing by in the front yard where three different groups of individuals were separated. I first attempted to speak with XXXX and XXXX. I asked these individuals to explain to me what had occurred and they stated that XXXX had hired a cleaning company to come to his home and clean as they were preparing the home for new tenants. XXXX reports that one of the cleaners had came up to his residence and reported to him that someone was throwing objects at her vehicle which was parked in the driveway from the second floor porch and screaming at her. XXXX and XXXX went downstairs to see what was going on and attempt to resolve the dispute and found that an individual who was temporarily staying with another of their roommates, Brian Kipchumba, had thrown a brick onto the roof of the cleaner’s vehicle. XXXX then decided to call the police for assistance.

It should be noted that during my interview with XXXX and XXXX, I observed Kipchumba to be unsteady on his feet, have very glassy eyes, and there was an odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from his person. Kipchumba continued to approach me aggressively and make incoherent statements. I asked Kipchumba repeatedly to back away and to consider having a seat on the stairs until I was ready to speak with him. Kipchumba continued to become increasingly more aggressive making incoherent statements such as “I don’t give a fuck that you were blue!” and “You don’t fucking bother me!”. When Kipchumba again approached me I began to escort him to the front stairs and asked him to sit down as I was concerned that he would fall due to his obvious state of intoxication. Kipchumba refused to sit and I then asked dispatch to send Cataldo Ambulance to have Kipchumba medically evaluated.

Officer Catatao and Tufts PD stood by Kipchumba while we began to wait for Cataldo and I then attempted to speak with the cleaner whose car was apparently struck by items thrown by Kipchumba. Before I could begin my next interview, Kipchumba lunged onto the front porch despite officers’ attempts to control his movement. Kipchumba then began to scream and took a 32 inch flat screen television that had been sitting on the porch and hurled it into the driveway in the direction of the vehicle that was already struck with the brick. The television instead struck XXXX vehicle causing damage to the front passenger side bumper. I then joined the other officers attempting to subdue Kipchumba’s tumultuous behavior and placed him into handcuffs. I informed dispatch to cancel Cataldo Ambulance as Kipchumba had become to irate to be safely evaluated and to start Unit-200 for transport of Kipchumba to the station. It should be noted that when Kipchumba’s behavior began to escalate several individuals including a paving crew of approximately 6 workers who were paving sidewalks in the area and several pedestrians passing by stopped to observe his actions.

I was then able to interview the cleaner, identified as XXXX, who was visibly shaken. XXXX, through a friend she had called to translate, XXXX, explained in Spanish that she was carrying cleaning items from the house into her car which was parked in the driveway. Kipchumba was standing on the second floor porch and began to yell and scream at her incoherently. She explains that Kipchumba threw at least two glass bottles at her car and then threw a brick at her car which landed on the vehicles roof leaving scratches and a dent. XXXX states that she has no idea why Kipchumba threw the items at her vehicle.

Brian Kipchumba is charged with violation of M.G.L. Ch. 266 §126A Malicious Destruction of Property and M.G.L. Ch.272 §53 Disorderly Conduct. It should be noted the subject of the Destruction charge is solely XXXX vehicle. The television destroyed by Kipchumba was his own and XXXX asked that Brian not be charged for the damage to his vehicle caused by the thrown television. Kipchumba was transported to headquarters by Officer D. Lambert.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Anderson #315

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