Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Richard HUGHES (A&B, Disorderly, VCO Open Container)

On Sunday, May 12, 2019, I, Officer Mackenzie Richardson, was in full uniform assigned to patrol area East 3 for the Somerville Police Department. At approximately 5:52 PM, I was dispatched to Market Basket, 400 Somerville Ave, to assist the detail officer, Officer Joseph Macarelli, who was with a male who was causing a disturbance in the store.

When I arrived, I was immediately approached by a civilian stating that I was needed in the store. As I entered Market Basket, I saw Officer Macarelli holding the Defendant, Richard Hughes, on the ground. Officer Macarelli told me that he had been watching Hughes for almost an hour. He witnessed Hughes approach the store manager, XXXX, and demanded cash back. XXXX stated that his card was not allowing cash back. Hughes was not happy with this outcome and started swearing very loudly at XXXX causing people shopping in the store to take notice.

Hughes continued to walk around the store. At this point, Officer Macarelli saw Hughes take out a vodka bottle from his backpack and take a sip of it. Hughes got into line to check out and again started arguing with the cashier that he wanted cash back. XXXX noticed Hughes giving the cashier a hard time and approached him. Hughes handed XXXX his card who again tried to explain to him that his card was not allowing cash back. Hughes grabbed the card out of XXXX ‘s hand and in the process pushed him causing XXXX to stumble backward. At this point, Officer Macarelli stepped in and assisted Hughes to the ground for everyone’s safety.

Due to the fact that Hughes was loudly using profanity in the store causing people to take notice, that Hughes pushed XXXX, and that he was seen drinking an alcoholic beverage in the store, I am charging Richard Hughes with:

265/13A/B Assault and Battery
272/53/F Disorderly Conduct
9/1 VCO Open Container Somerville Ordinance

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Mackenzie Richardson #341

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