Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Mario MEDERIOS (Shoplifting & Somerville, Medford Warrants) Home Depot

On May 7th, 2019, I, Officer James Torres, was in full uniform, while assigned to marked unit East 1, during the first-half shift. At approximately 4:00 PM, I, along with Officer Priscilla Ribeiro (East 4), responded to 75 Mystic Ave (Home Depot), for a report of a shoplifter inside of the loss prevention office.

Upon my arrival, I made contact with the reporting party/ loss prevention officer, subsequently identified as XXXX. LPO XXXX stated that he observed a male walk inside of the store and then pick out a plastic container. The male then walked over to the power tool section and placed a jig saw and a power tool kit, inside of the plastic container. The male then went over to the self checkout and paid for the plastic container, while failing to pay for the other two items, that he had placed in the container. The male then attempted to walk out of the store with the plastic container, containing the jigsaw and the power tool kit. This is when LPO XXXX stopped the male at the exit of the store and escorted him to the loss prevention office. The total sum of the two concealed items came out to $518.00.

Somerville dispatch was able to confirm that the male, subsequently identified as Mr. Mario Medeiros, also had two default warrants, (Docket #1610CR001578 and Docket #1710CR001108.) Mr. Medeiros was subsequently placed in handcuffs (double locked) and charged with the crime of Shoplifting by Concealment (266/30A). Mr. Medeiros was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters in unit 200, operated by Officer Dylan Lambert and booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Gerard Rymill.

Attached is a photo of the receipt for the concealed goods.

Respectfully submitted,
Officer James Torres
Badge #329

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