Somerville Speakup Line: They Are Rotten to the Core

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,


The reason they are after Drain Doctor is because they have exposed the corruption surrounding the sewer issues for the past two decades. I called them and they told me the sewer back up was on the street while city hall sent two of their hacks to bully me into digging up my yard. Well sure enough it was in the street and instead of rebuilding the underground chimney that feeds into the 30 foot drop to main sewer line— they connected my sewer line to my neighbors which was a violation and was told the city had no money. They are a pack of liars and thieves. Think about the millions in taxpayer funds that have been wasted on lawsuits needed to defend these crooks.

That former alderman is another crook. He made millions off condos and also was accused of illegally changing commercial zoning on cedar street to residential and that’s when he got the boot as Ward 5 alderman because he got caught. He and the mayor of Boston have been in the media for allegations of conflict of interest and cronyism. He was my ex husband’’s lawyer tossed out of the courtroom by Judge Heffernan who told him to never come back with his client, my ex, for making up bullshit to try and force me to drop a restraining order and divorce. They dragged my son on the stand to coerce him to lie about me and the judge exposed their dirty lies.

That former alderman has ruined many lives of the elderly and who knows how many as a disgraceful attorney who protects abusers.

One elderly couple who lived off Mystic Ave were deceived by this alderman and both died in separate nursing homes from root shock. They were removed from their home so this alderman could take their property while their mentally disabled son was displaced. Within one week their home was razed to make room for condos owned by this alderman along with hundreds more. His brother was accused of a crime but that’s been buried along with the rest of the garbage he’s done.

It’s really outrageous they have gotten away with so much all these years! Where’s the justice for long time locals being extorted and bullied if they speak out?

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”. (Source unverified)

Judy Locchi Jacobs

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