Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Marcos ESMURRIA (MV Violations) (Revere Warrant)

On 04/11/2019, I, Officer Christopher Collette was assigned to Somerville marked unit West Seven. At approximately 18:53 hours, I observed a gray Honda enter the intersection of Curtis St. (Southbound) and Powderhouse Blvd, both are public ways in the City of Somerville. The Honda began to take a left turn while another motor vehicle was travelling Northbound on Curtis St. The gray Honda intersected the path of travel of the Northbound vehicle, failing to yield the right of way to that vehicle and then completed making a left turn. I stopped the Honda in front of XXX Powderhouse Blvd. I asked the driver for his license and registration. He stated that he did not have his license with him and he identified himself as Marcos Esmurria with a DOB of XXXX. I then queried this name and DOB. I discovered that Mr. Esmurria did have a Massachusetts license number, XXXX. I learned that Mr. Esmurria’s license status was suspended, and an outstanding warrant existed for his arrest. Upon learning these facts I requested another unit. Somerville Control then confirmed Mr. Esmurria’s license status, and the existence of the warrant.
I asked Mr. Esmurria why he didn’t have his license on him, and he stated that he did not have a Massachusetts Driver’s License. I advised him that his right to operate had been suspended. He stated that he had a learner’s permit that was suspended, ” A long time ago.” Officer O’Donnel arrived on scene shortly there after. I then placed Mr. Esmurria under arrest for the warrant, and for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license 90/23. A licensed operator took possession of the vehicle. I issued MA Citation T1318430 to Mr. Esmurria for operating after suspension 90/23, and failure to yield when turning left, 89/8.

Respectfully submitted,

Patrolman Christopher Collette, B#302

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