Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Carlos CARRION (Shoplifting, Disturbing the Peace)

On Saturday, April 20, 2019, I, Officer Mackenzie Richardson, was in full uniform assigned to patrol area East 2 for the Somerville Police Department. At approximately 9:58 AM, I was dispatched to Market Basket, 400 Somerville Ave, for a male shoplifting.

As I was making my way to Market Basket, Dispatch called over the radio for patrol area East 3, Officer Eddie Soares, to also respond because they had received an additional call from the store saying the male was struggling with their employees. Upon arrival, I entered the store and found the defendant, later identified as Carlos Carrion, being held down on the ground by two of the employees. I spoke with the manager of Market Basket, XXXX, who stated he had observed Carrion on the surveillance camera placing numerous bags of shrimp into his backpack. He continued to watch Carrion on camera and realized he was about to leave the store. XXXX made his way to the exit door and confronted Carrion about the theft after he had passed all points of sale. Carrion stated he was taking the food for his family and attempted to leave. As XXXX tried to stop Carrion from leaving, Carrion pushed and struggled to get by XXXX. XXXX attempted to restrain Carrion who continued to struggle causing XXXX to injure his left knee and left hand. XXXX refused medical attention. The total amount of stolen items was $163.48. A copy of the receipt is attached to the report.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Mackenzie Richardson #341

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