Real Life Somerville Police Stories:James MORAN (ABPO, Defacement, Resisting Arrest, A&B on Disabled)

On Thursday, 4/18/2019, I, Officer DiFava, was on duty for the Somerville Police operating marked cruiser 786. At approximately 8:41 AM, I was dispatched to XX College Avenue for a report of a male who just threw a woman to the ground. Officer Nevin and Officer Duval also responded to provide back up. Dispatch described the suspect as a white male, with shoulder length hair, wearing a light blue sweatshirt, jeans and boots. Deputy Chief Carrabino was in the area and spotted the suspect, later identified as James Moran. Moran was in the backyard of XX College Avenue attempting to jump over a fence causing it to break. Deputy Chief Carrabino told Moran to stop and that’s when Moran charged toward’s him and tackled him causing them to fall to the ground. Officer Nevin and Officer Duval arrived on scene and assisted Deputy Chief Carrabino in placing handcuffs on Moran. While attempting to handcuff Moran, he resisted their efforts by flailing his arms and kicking his legs. Both Deputy Chief Carrabino and Officer Nevin were kicked by Moran. Due to Moran’s continued combativeness, Deputy Chief Carrabino adminstered a one sec burst of OC using his OC spray.
I arrived on scene and spoke to a witness, XXXX. XXXX stated that she was walking on College Avenue when she observed Moran flailing his arms in front of a woman, later identified as XXXX. XXXX stated that Moran knocked XXXX to the ground and then ran towards a nearby porch. XXXX stated that her and another witness, later identified as XXXX ran over to help XXXX. XXXX called 911 and stayed on the phone with the dispatcher, while keeping Moran in her sight. XXXX told XXXX to leave the area so that she would not be near Moran.
After speaking to XXXX, I spoke to XXXX who stated that he also witnessed Moran flailing his arms in front of XXXX before knocking her to the ground. While speaking with XXXX, dispatch notified me that XXXX was waiting safely at her house for the Police. I responded to XXXX residence to speak with her. XXXX appeared a little shaken up and stated that she was walking on College Avenue when she noticed Moran walking towards her. XXXX attempted to go around him, but he put his arm up in front of her face. XXXX stated to him, “excuse me” and tried to continue walking. Moran again placed his arm up in front of her and this time, he grabbed her by the head and threw her to the ground. XXXX stated that after being thrown to the ground, Moran ran toward’s a nearby porch and then into the street. XXXX stated that she was not injured and did not need any medical assistance. Moran was transported to the Police department where he continued to be combative and uncooperative. Moran was transported by Cataldo ambulance to the Cambridge hospital and undergo an evaulation.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Marc DiFava #289

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