From the Massachusetts Political Almanac: GOAL is the official state firearms association of Massachusetts and believes in the basic civil right of firearm ownership for all lawful purposes. GOAL is currently the second-largest voluntary organization in the state with a dues-paying membership. GOAL lobbies to defend the civil rights of gun-owners and related interests and is an important source of information for the state’s lawful gun owners. It also sponsors many educational activities on firearm issues for youth, voters, public officials and the general public.

“For over 40 years GOAL has provided a leading voice for sportsmen and women, gun owners and conservation efforts, on Beacon Hill and across the state,” according to GOAL’s website.

Key to scorecard:

A: Consistently voted to support Second Amendment rights

B: Usually voted to support Second Amendment rights

C: Sometimes voted to support Second Amendment rights

D: Voted to restrict Second Amendment rights

F: Proactively worked to restrict Second Amendment rights, via voting,
supporting legislation to restrict Second Amendment, etc.

NR: No Rating – Did not file or support any legislation on either side of the

More details on the scorecard are at

Here are the grades given to local representatives and senators by GOAL:

Rep. Christine Barber D Rep. Mike Connolly D Rep. Denise Provost F Sen. Patricia Jehlen F

2 thoughts on “Massachusetts GUN OWNERS’ ACTION LEAGUE (GOAL)”

  1. I have been refused a LTC in my town of Foxborough Mass by the Chief of Police, what recourse do I have?

    Thank You!

  2. I have been refused a ltc in my town of Canton mass, by the chief of police, what recourse do I have? thank you

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