Real Life Somerville Police Stories: David NORRIS (OUI Liquor, Leave Scene, Reckless Operation)

On March 29th, 2019, I, Officer Sousa, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol in East-3. At approximately 2:22am, I was dispatched to Somerville Ave at Bow Street, a public way in the city of Somerville, for an accident with East-2 Ofc. J. Moreira.

Upon arrival, I witnessed MA Reg:XXXX a red Ford pickup truck with a utility body,the vehicle was positioned diagonally across the Bow St. turn, spinning it tires to the point smoke was forming. The operator was attempting to backup but was unsuccessful due to the extensive damage to his vehicle. I pulled my marked police cruiser a few feet from the vehicle to block any future oncoming vehicles from making the turn. I activated my emergency blue lights. The operator continued to spin his tires in an attempt to move his vehicle, he appeared to be oblivious of the police presence. Officer J.Moreira went around to the Somerville Ave. side to block his exit with his blue lights on. At this time, I approached the vehicle and shined my flashlight in directly in the eyes of the operator to gain his attention. It was at this time the operator realized the our presence and stopped spinning the tires. I ordered the operator to put the transmission in park and exit the vehicle. It took several commands for the operator to put his transmission in park and get out of the vehicle. He left his keys in the ignition. The operator had a blank stare on his face while I ordered him to exit the vehicle. Once out of the vehicle, Officer J. Moreira turned off the ignition and removed the keys.

The operator was identified by his as Mr. David E. Norris. I observed that Mr. Norris was unsteady on his feet and needed to hold onto his vehicle to assist his balance. I could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his person, his speech was slurred and his eyes appeared to be blood shot. Mr. Norris stated he had drank 6 beers at the Druid, a local bar in Cambridge, over the course of approximately two to three hours.

While on scene, Somerville Dispatch received a report that there was a traffic light pole down in the middle of Washington St at Hawkins St. Officers Ruff and Hartgrove were dispatched. Lt. deOliveira also responded to assist. The reporting person, Mr. XXXX stated to Lt. deOliveira that he witnessed MA Reg: XXXX strike the barriers in the construction zone in Union Sq. at the end of Webster Ave. He was able to take a photo of the license plate and a video of the vehicle backing out of the construction site dragging the light pole. The light pole eventually came loose from his vehicle at its resting place of Washington St. and Hawkins St.

In front of XXX Somerville Ave. Ma Reg:XXXX sustained heavy drivers side rear damage. Two windows were shattered with the remnants of the glass still on the ground. I would like to note that the parked car appeared to have been pushed forward. Ofc. Moreira observed a dry area directly behind and partially under the vehicle. There was shattered glass from XXXX on this dry pavement. There was also glass on MA Reg XXXX on the hood that was not consistent to the damage to the vehicle.

Mr. Norris was placed under arrest for the following charges:

Mr. Norris was transported to the Somerville Police Station by Ofc. N. Moreira in unit 200 and booked in the usual manner by Lt. Lavey. Mr. Norris refused to use the breathalyzer. His car was towed by Pat’s towing to their lot as a police tow.

Respectfully submitted,
Ofc. Sousa

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