Somerville Speakup Line: It is a shame that there isn’t an anti corruption unit in Massachusetts

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

It is a shame that there isn’t an anti corruption unit in Massachusetts to thoroughly investigate Chief Fallon and his command staff for the actions they perpetrated and or the egregious violations ignored on several innocent and guilty people from 2014 thru 2017 at a minimum. He oversaw and is principally responsible for destroying and trying to destroy a lot of good people. Rewarding the behavior of the evil and the corrupt individuals he protected and promoted and tried to promote and knowingly covering up criminal activity that he directly orchestrated and supervised . Shameful and disgraceful. Someone from the accreditation department should remind him that those policies are supposed to be applied to everyone not just the ones he is trying to scare, intimidate and punish.

Nothing quite as hideous as a dirty cop. What goes around , comes around………

Bob Scorned

4 thoughts on “Somerville Speakup Line: It is a shame that there isn’t an anti corruption unit in Massachusetts”

  1. Its very interesting how certain comments get removed whenever anyone posts anything that goes against this newspaper (or its contributors) opinions.
    Carlos was a disgraced officer terminated because he would not stop his illegal drug use. Like many others that have been terminated, they can’t own up to what they did. Instead they lash out. Take responsibility for what you did and stop pointing fingers at others. Let’s see if this reply remains active. If not, it will be interesting to learn why. Investigative reporting goes both ways my friends. 1st amendment applies to all!

  2. What people have to realize he is only a Chief on paper, a spineless puppet, he has to ask his crooked, corrupt, criminal, cokehead, arsonist, p.o.s. boss when he can take a crap. I’ve loss all respect for him I do believe in KARMA and when that day comes, he will pay for his deeds and lives he has destroyed. Remember you cannot collect a pension if you are incarcerated.

    1. Don’t bet on it. I believe one we had here in Somerville a number of years ago was Bonamo(spelling?) who went to jail and I am pretty sure he fought and won. I seem to recall it was for 2 pensions and not sure if he got one or both. My rememberer is not so good anymore.

  3. SPD – abysmal public service. Not once have I called them and they’ve shown any attitude towards helping. The first thing they do is tell you why they can’t do anything. Lazy. Useless. I’m not suggesting there always is something they can do. But there are times when they can and don’t. When Fallon was given the position, it was a clear sign there was no hope of revamping the SPD.

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