Quo Vadis?

By Caroline Colarusso

Lately the sanctity of human life has suffered several blows. New York recently passed legislation that removes the requirement that minors obtain parental consent before having an abortion, the obligation of doctors to provide lifesaving care to a baby born alive after a failed abortion, as well as allowing third trimester abortions.

I never thought in my lifetime I would see laws that, in effect, allow infanticide introduced and passed into law. As our moral compass as a nation continues to erode, the abortion industry and extremist politicians continue to push the envelope further.

Last week the US Senate blocked a bill that would have granted legal protection to babies who survived failed abortion attempts. Both Massachusetts Senators Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren voted not to support babies born alive from a botched abortion which is reprehensible. The lucrative abortion industry is also pushing its radically inhumane agenda in state legislatures across the nation. The abortion industry has been dehumanizing unwanted pre-born children for over 40 years, and now it is moving to dehumanize unwanted children that are actually born alive.

Closer to home here in Massachusetts, 90 Democrat State Representatives, 22 Democrat State Senators, and 2 Republican Representatives have sponsored what is known as the ROE Act. This legislation removes the requirement in current state law that requires doctors to preserve the life of an infant that survives an abortion. This will result in babies who survive failed abortions to be legally allowed to die by not receiving lifesaving medical care. This legislation, in effect, legalizes infanticide.

Additionally, the ROE Act removes the existing requirement of current Massachusetts law that requires parental consent for minors to obtain an abortion. If passed, minor girls will be able to obtain an abortion without a parent ever knowing. A high school student cannot be given an aspirin at school without parental consent, but if abortion advocates have their way, minors will undergo serious operations without parental consent.

Currently, Massachusetts law restricts abortions to 24 weeks of pregnancy except in cases where the pregnancy endangers a women’s life or threatens “grave impairment of her physical or mental health.” The ROE Act would change all of that and allow for third trimester abortions to women whose “mental health” could be threatened in any way by keeping the baby to term. Mental health is an ambiguous term subject to broad interpretation. Under the ROE Act women could choose abortion simply because they no longer wish to have the baby. It further allows for elective abortions for fetal anomalies or when the fetus is incompatible with sustained life outside the womb. However, the ROE Act fails to define clearly what those anomalies could include.

You can expect politicians who sponsored this legislation to tell you that this bill does not do what is described in the preceding paragraphs. In order to understand what this legislation does, you just can’t simply read just the bill. It is necessary to look at what is being stricken from existing law, as well as what is being inserted into the new law. Go to https://malegislature.gov/Bills/191/H3320 You can also check to see a list of cosponsors here to see if your Representative or Senator is listed.

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