February 27: Steps In Time Ballroom Dancing Course

February 28: Teen Library Leaders Meeting

February 28: Family Game Night: SPL East Branch

March 5: Powder House Blvd. Community Meeting

March 5: Summer Camp and Activities Fair

March 6: Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting

March 7: Planning Board Meeting
Open Positions with the City of Somerville

Click HERE for information on open positions with the City of Somerville:
Good Jobs Intern, Economic Development
Part-time Health Assistant, Health and Human Services
Electrician, DPW Building and Grounds
Carpenter – DPW
Part-Time Health Assistant – Department of Health and Human Services
Senior Planner of Transportation and Infrastructure, Transportation and Infrastructure
Transportation Planner, Transportation and Infrastructure
Co-Director of the MB CIT TTAC, Police Department
LGBTQ Liaison, Health and Human Services
Primary Water Operator, Water and Sewer
Heavy Motor Equipment Operator, Water and Sewer
SHMEO PWL, Water and Sewer
Temporary Wire Inspector, Inspectional Services Department
Local Building Inspector, Inspectional Services Department
Director of Inspectional Services, Inspectional Services
Wire Inspector, Inspectional Services Department
SHMEO Catch Basic Operator, Water and Sewer
School Nurse, Somerville Public Schools
Crossing Guard, Police Department
Peer Support (Pilot Program), Somerville Public Schools
Part-time ELL Level 3 Teacher – Evening, Somerville Public Schools
School-based Family and Community Liaison, Somerville Public Schools

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