Somerville Speakup Line: On agenda for BOA meeting this Thursday — demo delay ordinance

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

Dear Alderman Mark Niedergang,

Thank you…..and naturally, it is difficult to contribute to Thursday’s demo ordinance conversation without seeing those documents…..If you would please send them to me when received. I certainly would not expect a vote on the matter until the public has had an opportunity to review the documents and provide comments.

Also, regarding the Condo Conversion Ordinance that you suggested I might want to comment on (and thank you for the invitation), I have NOTHING to contribute to the conversation, because I feel that is a very clear cut matter….the City values tenants not being displaced…..and I understand the Narrative. That is an honest narrative, and the citizens are not confused by the ACCURATE narrative. The citizens, therefore, do not need me to lead the opposition on that….they will comment and influence as they see fit. I do not need to whistle-blow for this matter. Note also you have never seen me attend the Transfer Tax Matter….another honest narrative (regardless of my position on the matter).

My passionate position on the Demo Review Ordinance is based on the fact that it is a FALSE narrative. We are not protecting anything. These are not historic homes, but the narrative suggests we are doing this for historic protection purposes….and that is a willfully dishonest narrative that gives the GOVERNMENT (YOU) power and takes rights from homeowners for no reason. I love historic preservation…..I hate false narratives.

I hope you can appreciate the principles that drive me.

Mouhab Z. Rizkallah

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