Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Manuel CORDERO JR (Trespass, Intimidate Witness, Resisting Arrest)

On January 24, 2019, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol in marked cruiser East 1 (781). At approximately 1:04pm, I was dispatched along with Officer Patrick Canty (East 4) to Partner’s Healthcare 399 Revolution Dr for an unwanted. Upon arrival, MGH Police Officer Richard Colley flagged me down and pointed to an individual who had been trespassed from Partner’s Healthcare property. Colley stated that the suspect entered the lobby of Partner’s Healthcare and began asking questions about who was on the 5th floor. The suspect, identified as Manuel Cordero, was involved in tagging the property with graffiti last month. Cordero was trespassed on January 2, 2019.

I approached Cordero, who was standing outside in the courtyard of Partner’s Healthcare between the entrance to the office, and Capital 1 Cafe, and asked for him to turn down his music so we could talk. He complied with turning down the music, and then began to walk away. I ordered him to stop twice, to which his reply was “Bye!”. As Cordero began walking away at a quicker pace, I grabbed ahold of his left arm and ordered him to stop and put his hands behind his back. He tensed his arm up and resisted my efforts to handcuff him. I informed Cordero he was under arrest, and if he continued to resist, he would be placed onto the ground and handcuffed. Officer Colley grabbed Cordero’s right arm, and we were unsuccessful in our attempts to handcuff Cordero. I once again warned him he would be brought to the ground if he did not comply. After ignoring my warnings, I assisted Cordero to the ground where Officer Canty and I were able to handcuff Cordero. Cordero stated he was on the property because he had an appointment at the courthouse. There is no reason to be on Partner’s property if taking the MBTA and walking to the court house.

While waiting for the prisoner transport vehicle, Cordero told me he was going to “kill me and my family to avenge his arrest”. He repeated this three times, and then began stating the same threat to Officer Canty and Officer Colley. Also, while waiting for the prisoner transport vehicle, Cordero attempted to slip his cuffs to the front, however he was unsuccessful and they were stuck behind his knees. Cordero then accused us of hurting his wrists. Once the transport vehicle arrived, Cordero stood up and the handcuffs were placed back in the appropriate position behind his back.

Officer Erick Ubeda arrived with the transport vehicle, and brought Cordero to the station where he was booked by Sgt. Kevin Shackelford. Cordero was reminded again, that he is trespassed from 399 Revolution Dr. Cordero will be charged with Trespassing (266/120), Resisting Arrest (268/32B), and 3 counts of Intimidation of a Witness (268/13B).

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Tim Van Nostrand
Somerville Police Dept.

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