Somerville Speakup Line:Maria’s Underaged Drinking Party Did Happen

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

Billy privately speaking my daughter and two of her girlfriends went to Maria’s underage drinking party.

They weren’t even there an hour as they realized what was gonna happen when they saw all the alcohol spread out on her counter and saw Maria handing drinks to the minors and even asked what they wanted to drink.

My daughter and her friends left and were telling others to not go as there was gonna be trouble. Maria asked my daughter where they were going and said alcohol shouldn’t be served to minors and Maria said as long as they are drinking in her house it shouldn’t matter, they wouldn’t get in trouble.

This was just told to me as my daughter didn’t want to get in trouble but I assured her come hell or high water nothing will ever happen to her.

This is ridiculous and who the hell does she think she is.

And if need be I will come out in the open if this goes to court and because Maria doesn’t want to hear my story.

A Somerville parent finally coming out

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