Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Shawn MOORE (Disturbing the Peace, Intimidation)

for an unwanted call. West 5 (Officer Mark Nevin), was dispatched as backup.

Upon arrival we met with the reporting party, manager of the market who stated there was black gentleman, wearing a black jacket and a Yankee hat sleeping while seated at a table on the Dunkin Donuts side, and he was to be trespassed. A previous manager had asked the man to leave multiple times, and he refused to. Officer Nevin and I approached the man later identified as Shawn Moore, and asked him to identify himself. He stated that he was leaving and therefore did not have to identify himself. I asked him if he had any form of identication on his person, ad he said no. I asked him for his name and date of birth and he stated “XXXX, XXXX”. I gave him multiple opportunities to state his real name and date of birth. At this point more customers were gathering around and becoming spectators, as he was causing a scene. I informed Shawn that he was interfering with an investigation and I needed to identify him and trespass him from the property. Once more he refused to do so. I told Shawn that he was under arrest for interfering with police investigation and disorderly conduct, and placed the handcuffs on him.

We conducted an inventory search of the outermost compartment of Shawn’s backpack, as in plain view there was what seemed to be a pill bottle. When asked what the pill bottle contained, he stated that it was medication for XXXX. He also stated that he had XXXX and had another bottle of pills. Both these bottles contained the name of a female, XXXX. Shawn said it was his mother’s name, and he does not have medical insurance, and his mother gets the prescription for him. I was unable to identify the pills.

Shawn was transported by Officer Michael Cleary in the prisoner transport wagon and booked in the usual manner by Lt. W. Rymill. He was charged with Disturbing The Peace c272 s53, and Lying to Police To Impede Investigation c268 s13b.

Respectfully submitted,

Edna DaCosta 346
Somerville Police Department

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