Somerville Speakup Line: Bullying in Albert F. Argenziano School

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line:

It’s going to be a long nerve-racking day. Against my better judgement I’m sending Isabella back to school today! She’s missed 2 weeks after coming forward about a boy in her class bullying her, threatening her, & physically assaulting her leaving marks on her body! She finally worked up the courage to come forward. The school did a 24 hour investigation, and said it’s his word against hers, he’s not admitting to any of it, except throwing vegetables at her. Also contacted the superintendents office, and was told this wasn’t a matter for the superintendent, but eventually met with someone who works with her, only to be told all they could do was put a safely plan in effect, which means they will keep a close watch on him, and my daughter can speak with the guidance counselor a couple times weekly!! Or option two they could transfer Isabella to another school, the victim, they want to transfer the victim who’s attended this same school since kindergarten, is a high honor roll student, & has followed the rules, does what’s asked of her on a daily basis and lives one block away.

So their plan is to keep this boy at the Argenziano school, who’s already stabbed another student with a pencil, and threatened to kill another girl in their class! They’re taking the word of a mouthy, disrespectful, rude to his teachers and fellow classmates over hers, when on several occasions another classmate and one teacher witnessed him abusing her, but was too scared to come forward during the interviews, as for the teacher, not sure if she was ever questioned!! I feel The Somerville public school system is a joke, and I don’t think they have taken any of this serious from the beginning!

So now my daughter has to be scared everyday walking into her classes, wondering if today’s going to be the day He follows through with one of his threats of stabbing her in the eyes, or if he’s going to assault her again!! Her education is very important to her, and now may suffer because she’s forced to sit in the same room with her attacker. So much for a NO BULLYING TOLERANCE!!

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  1. Dear to whom wrote this article, I want to first off say how sorry I am that your daughter is going through this. I truly feel your pain and my heart breaks for her. My niece attended the Argenziano since kindergarten never had issue with anyone until the 4th grade. She went through I guess what you would call caddy talk with another student. It wasn’t until she reached the 5th grade where things started to get worse. I wont go into detail but we went through the same thing where they asked the other student and of course she denied it. We were the ones demanding that she be transferred when her bully told her she should “kill herself”. We went through the superintendent and got denied as I recall she said my niece was “dramatic” and looking for attention. Great answer from someone who’s put in charge to make sure that your child is safe. What they put her through after that was disgraceful. I agree with you the school system is horrible and they don’t protect your children. My niece since then has never been the same, that light that had always shined in her eyes is now a window of pain. I commend you for speaking up and writing this I wanted to many times but didn’t. I’ve talked with many other parents who have gone through the same thing with their children, where there issues have been neglected and pushed to the side. They don’t realize that our children are the ones that are suffering. I hope that everything gets better for your daughter and that it’s doesn’t get worse. Just know that you are not alone.

  2. If this bullying is true, then Isabella’s mother should go to the Police and The District Attorney’s Office as well as requesting that the Mayor and City officials look into this. School bullying has been a problem in schools for many, many years.

    You might recall the tragic suicide of a young Irish immigrant girl a few years ago who was bullied. It is wrong, immoral, and must be nipped in the bud.

    And to gather evidence of any future bullying I would suggest that Isabella obtain one of those small cop cams that can be worn and are affordable. Don’t let this matter be swept under the rug.

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