Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Shukry JUMA (Disorderly Conduct)

The following is a summary of the details related to this incident.

On December 3, 2018 at approximately 18:49 hours, while assigned to marked unit West-6, I was dispatched to 1 Davis Square for a report of a person obstructing the sidewalk in front of the CVS business. I arrived at this location with marked unit Sector West Officer Gee, and found a gentleman sitting on the sidewalk in front of CVS with numerous items scattered all over the sidewalk. When accounting for the trees and bicycle racks, this sidewalk allows approximately 8 feet of passage for pedestrians. I estimated that due to this individual sitting in the middle of the sidewalk and his numerous personal items laying about, pedestrians were limited to approximately 3 feet of passage.

I informed the individual (whom I have issued a citation for violation of city ordinance Sec. 12-11 Loitering on Sidewalks in the past and recalled him to be Shukry Juma) that he was obstructing the public sidewalk and that he needed to move his property to allow for pedestrians to pass unobstructed. Juma nodded in response. I stood by for approximately 5 minutes and watched as Juma refrained from moving any of his personal property. I watched as numerous pedestrians continued to have to slow and move around his various personal items to avoid stepping on them. I then asked him again if he had understood what I told him and that he needed to move his personal property because pedestrian traffic was being obstructed.

At this time Juma began to become confrontational and argue with me. He made statements such as it is a public sidewalk, I don’t care this is my property, I was disturbing his energy, and so forth as I attempted to explain the city ordinance to him despite his aggressive demeanor. I informed him that I would be forced to write him another city ordinance citation for obstructing the sidewalk to which he responded, “Go ahead write me the fucking ticket!” I warned him as his demeanor continued to become more aggressive and numerous pedestrians began stopping to observe his behavior that I was not going to engage in an argument with him but that he needed to move his property. Juma’s tirade continued which led to two employees from CVS stepping outside to observe the commotion, as well as the pedestrians who continued to be forced to navigate around us and his personal property.

It became apparent that Juma was not going to move his property and wished to continue his argumentative and agitated behavior. At this time he was placed under arrest for violation of M.G.L. Ch 272 §53 Disorderly Conduct. Juma was handcuffed without incident and transported to the station by Unit #200 Officer Ubeda where he was booked by Lt. Digregorio.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Anderson #315

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