Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Jason FONTAINE (B&E MV)

On 12/4/2018 at approximately 12:30 AM, I, Officer Haley (West 7), was dispatched to the area of Waterhouse St. and Woodstock St. for a call of a suspicious person. Officer Lambert (Sector West) and Officer Beckford (West 6) were also dispatched as backup.

Somerville dispatch informed us that a witness described a male wearing a backpack and hat walking down the street looking into cars and pulling door handles. Upon our arrival, we saw a male fitting the description walking down the street. We stopped to talk to the male, later identified as Jason Fontaine. Mr. Fontaine said he was just walking down the street on his way home.

Another male, identified as XXXX, approached us and informed us that he was the one who called the police. XXXX said he witnessed Mr. Fontaine checking multiple car doors and eventually opening one and searching throughout the car. XXXX showed me the car in the question. I observed a Toyota Yaris (MA Reg. xxxx) with the driver’s door ajar. Inside the car, I observed the glove compartment open, and various items thrown throughout the car.

I returned to Mr. Fontaine and confronted him with the information about the car being opened and what the witness stated he was doing. Mr. Fontaine admitted to checking car doors on the street and he also admitted opening the door and going through the Toyota Yaris. When asked why he was going through the car, Mr. Fontaine said he was looking for things to take.

I attempted to get in touch with the owner of the vehicle, but was unsuccessful. I left a note with contact information in the vehicle for the owner to get in touch with me.

Based off the witness statements, and Mr. Fontaine’s admission, I placed him under arrest for:

Ch. 266 s. 16 B&E of a Motor Vehicle with Intent to Commit Felony.

Mr. Fontaine was handcuffed without incident and transported to the station by Unit #200 Officer Radochia, where he was booked by Lt. Lavey.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Daniel Haley
Badge 335
Somerville Police Dept.

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