Somerville Firefighters Make Special Delivery to Son of Fallen Philadelphia Firefighter

Deputy Chief Mike Avery and Firefighter Barry Hamilton made a special delivery of patches from Somerville Fire and Somerville Police, as well as Cambridge FD, Arlington FD and Stoneham FD to Philadelphia. Pa. Engine 33 to help fulfill the Christmas wishes of Evan Potter the son of a fallen Philadelphia Firefighter and Marine Veteran Michael Potter.

Evan is honoring his Fathers legacy in continuing his tradition of collecting patches from other Departments. Firefighter Mike Curtis designed and donated a shirt especially for Evan.

Anyone willing to donate a patch please click on the link below for further details.

Feel free to share this post and link. Great job guys representing SFD-Local 76!

Fire Company Asking For Patches To Surprise Son Of Fallen Philadelphia Firefighter

One thought on “Somerville Firefighters Make Special Delivery to Son of Fallen Philadelphia Firefighter”

  1. Kudos to Barry, Mike, and the other departments who donated patches to Evan. And I send my thanks to Evan’s late father for his service to the community and our country. Way to go, Guys!!

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