Why Isn’t Somerville Police Department Asking for Public’s Help on Locating Registrar Maria Curtatone’s Drinkfest Stabbing Suspect

By William Tauro

This past Tuesday, the Somerville Police Department sent out a bulletin on Facebook asking for the public’s help in identifying a robbery suspect who attempted to rob the boutique. The owner of the boutique gave the suspect money from her pocket but refused to open the register. The Suspect then threatened the clerk by pointing a hypodermic needle filled with a dark liquid at her and fled.

CASE: 20083

ROBBERY/Somerville MA/Date of Crime:October 8, 2018

The suspect is described as:Suspect Id, Gender:Male, Build:Medium, Complexion:Light, Height-Tall

And/or below:Help the @SomervillePD identify and locate this suspect involved in a Robbery case. Please use the attached link for additional information or to provide a tip! massmostwanted.org/case/caseId-20

Anyone with information on this crime please contact:SOMERVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT: 617-625-1600


Well that’s all fine and dandy but what about the stabbing suspect who actually stabbed someone at the infamous Registrar Maria Curtatone Spring bash/drinkfest that was hosted by our South Middlesex Registrar of Deeds Maria Curtatone?

In reality its been way over 120 day’s and still counting since the stabbing occurred on Thursday June 21st, 2018 and we haven’t heard anymore news on it from the Somerville Police Department nor the city?

The South Middlesex County Registrar of Deeds Maria Curtatone is amid allegations that she hosted an underage graduation/spring fling party at her home that’s located on Munroe Street that spilled out to the lawn of the Prospect Hill Tower and turned into a bloody brawl with over a hundred fighting teenagers that Thursday night in June.

According to multiple witnesses at the scene the party lasted into the early morning hours of Friday morning resulting in an early morning stabbing with multiple blue lights flashing, screaming teens, teams of police units frantically searching the scene with barking K-9 dogs.

According to witnesses at the scene, dozens of State and local police were called in with K-9 units at about 12:59AM to breakup the party of screaming out of control teens with music blaring that involved over two hundred out of control party-going intoxicated youths.

Registrar Maria Curtatone was not available for comment since that night of the stabbing nor were Somerville Police reports available revealing the circumstances of events regarding the party or medical condition status of the victim.

It is still questionable right now if Middlesex Registrar of Deeds Maria Curtatone will be charged for providing any alcohol to the teens especially where Snapchat and cellphone videos have surfaced revealing alcohol may have been provided by Curtatone or if she will be facing any charges.

Maria Curtatone is sister to Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone who’s police department is conducting the investigation.

This story is still developing because we just won’t let it go that easily until Curtatone and the Somerville Police Department step up to the plate and actually investigate the stabbing and not just allegedly sweep it under the rug to keep it from the public’s eye so they just forget about it because of who they are.

Another concern to us is that there was even an alleged Somerville Police detail officer at the party who we haven’t even heard anything from who may have witnessed everything firsthand or possibly just won’t.

So with that said, this story is still developing and we here at The Somerville News Weekly on behalf of the residents of Somerville request your help:

The public’s help Is needed with any Information regarding a Somerville Party Hosted by South Middlesex County Registrar of Deeds Maria Curtatone

We are looking for witnesses to come forward who may have witnessed incidents that occurred on Thursday night June 21st at a party hosted by South Middlesex County Registrar of Deeds Maria Curtatone.

Curtatone is amid allegations that she hosted an underage drinking party at her home located on Munroe Street in Somerville that spilled out to the lawn of the Prospect Hill Tower that later turned into a bloody brawl with over a hundred fighting teenagers that resulted in a stabbing and another assault.

Your help is needed to find the suspect who still remains unidentified and at large.

Information is also being sought of anybody who was present at the party who may of witnessed any underage alcohol consumption or details of what may have taken place that evening.

Any cellphone photos or videos from the party are welcomed.

Please contact Billy Tauro with any information at 617-293-2016 or email: Wmtauro@aol.com

All contacts will remain strictly confidential.

Registrar Maria Curtatone is currently running for re-election and will appear on the November ballot unopposed.

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