Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Jose GONCALVES (A&B DW)

On Monday, October 8, 2018, I, Officer Paul Beckford, was on duty for the Somerville Police (West 6). At approximately 12:55 AM, I was dispatched to the MBTA Davis Square College Ave for a fight. 

Upon arrival, a witness by the name of XXXX stated “That guy assaulted him, he’s getting away!” XXXX was pointing at a Hispanic male party that was wearing a black jacket and riding a green bicycle. Officer Eric O’Brien located a Hispanic male suspect that fit the description in front of the Citizens Bank on Elm St.

Officers wanted to conduct a show up, but the witness and victim were no longer on scene. The victim, XXXX was transported to Somerville Hospital by Cataldo to treat his injury. XXXX stated that he doesn’t know the suspect. The suspect was calling him “negro,” and showing signs of aggression. XXXX stated to the suspect “leave me alone.” The suspect pulled out a 9 inch steak knife and tried to stab XXXX. XXXX was cut by the knife on his right palm hand during the struggle.

Officers took a picture of the suspect. I drove over to Somerville Hospital where XXXX was being treated. Due to XXXX’s injury, I conducted the show up at Somerville Hospital. I read XXXX our identification checklist. Before I showed XXXX the picture of the suspect, I asked him if he remembered the description of the suspect. He stated “Yes, it was a Spanish man with a black jacket riding a green bicycle.” I then showed XXXX the photo. XXXX stated “Yes, that’s him.” The suspect was identified as Mr. Jose Goncalves. Mr. Goncalves was placed under arrest and charged with Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon. He was transported to the Somerville Police Department by our transport vehicle (200). While at the station Mr. Goncalves was booked in the usual manner by Sgt. Marino.

*Photos are attached to the report*

Respectfully submitted

Officer: Paul Beckford

Badge: 319

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