Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Angel COLON (Firearm Carry w/o License, Firearm Poss Large Capacity, RSP…)

On Tuesday, October 9, 2018, I was assigned to E-2.  At approximately 6:42 AM, I along with E-3, Officer Scrugli were dispatched to the Star Market located at 275 Beacon Street for a weapons call.

Prior to arrival dispatch notified us the a man named Angel Colon had shown a black handgun to the reporting party during an argument.  The reporting party also said that the man was in a gray Toyota Tacoma located in the parking lot of Star Market on Beacon Street.  When I arrived on scene Officer Scrugli was already in contact with Colon.  Officer Scrugli asked Colon if he had a gun to which he said no.  Due to nature of the call Colon was then pat frisked for officer safety by Officer Scrugli.  During the pat frisk Officer Scrugli located a Black Glock firearm in the front right waistband of his pants.  I then took the weapon from Officer Scrugli and unloaded it.  Colon was then placed into handcuffs behind his back which were double locked and checked for tightness.

I then attempted to read Colon his Miranda Rights from a card I keep in my pocket.  After reading him his rights i asked him if he understood what I had just told him to which he replied “No English”.  I would like to note that prior to this Colon was speaking to us in English without any issues.  Officer Scrugli then read Colon his Miranda rights in Spanish from a card he keeps on him.  Officer Scrugli then began to question Colon in Spanish, please see his supplemental report for more information.

I then spoke to the reporting part , XXXX who told me that Colon had done some construction work for him recently.  After paying Colon $1000, XXXX inspected the work and did not like the quality.  XXXX wanted Colon to either fix the work or give XXXX his $1000 back.  The two agreed to meet in the parking lot of star market where they got into a heated argument over the money.  During this XXXX said that Colon lifted his shirt and showed him a black handgun in his waist.

Colon was transported to the station by Officer Costa in the prisoner transport wagon, Unit 200, where he was booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Rymill.  A query of the hand gun was done to where it came back as stolen out of Westbrook, ME.  The following items were placed into evidence:

(1) Black Glock 22 (.40 cal) Handgun

(1) 15 round black magazine

(13) .40 cal rounds

(2) .40 cal hollow point rounds

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Keith O’Donnell

Badge #340

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