Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Sebastian LAPAGE (Possess Class E, Disorderly) & Jason FONTAINE (Disorderly)

On September 16, 2018 at about 10:20 Sunday morning, Officer Chris Collette (West 7) was driving me (Officer Mark Nevin / West 6) to where I parked my cruiser during our previous call. We were driving through Davis Square when I observed two people move into a fighting stance and facing-off with each other in the center of Statue Park. Their facial expressions looked serious and angry. They began to prance a little bit as if they were sizing each other up. Then they saw our cruiser and stopped. I notified Officer Collette and instructed him to pull over. He said he saw them, too, and pulled over.

Statue Park is a public park in the heart of Davis Square. The area is highly trafficked and visibly open from almost all directions to pedestrians and motorists. There were a number of people in the park, many of them had looks of alarm and concern on their faces.

We approached the parties and I put them both into handcuffs for the protection of all parties. Both the defendants are known to me. Mr. Sebastian Lapage stated that they were just play fighting, but Mr. Jason Fontaine stated that they were squaring up to fight after Mr. Lapage hit him in his face. I placed them both under arrest for disorderly conduct, notified Dispatch of the situation, and requested the prisoner transport wagon. Officer Paul Anderson (West 5) responded to provide backup assistance.

While making an inventory search of Mr. Lapage’s personal property a baggie of pills were discovered (35 white round pills stamped with MP 658). They appeared to be prescription pills. Mr. Lapage stated that the pills were given to him and he did not know what they were for and believed they had no street value. A web search revealed the pills to be Clonidine, which can be used to treat ADHD, high blood pressure, pain, anxiety, and alcohol withdrawal. The pills were inventoried, photographed, and will be submitted as evidence to be tested.

The defendants were transported to the police station by Officer VanNostrand in the prisoner transport wagon and booked by Lt. W. Rymill.

Mr. Lapage is charged with Disorderly Conduct and possession of a Class E drug.

Mr. Fontaine is charged with Disorderly Conduct.

Respectfully submitted by,

Officer Mark Nevin #300

Somerville Police Department

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