Somerville Speakup Line:City Going to the Dogs

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

I Don’t Comment Much, But Here Goes!!!!

I want to say that Somerville is going to the “Dogs” but I can’t even say that!!!  We have an injured pigeon in the bush at the front of the building. I thought I would call Animal Control and have them come and pick it up. Good luck getting to speak to a live person at Animal Control. Left a message around 3:00 pm and they never got back. Called City Hall and finally got to speak to someone and all they could do is transfer me back to Animal Control. The person I spoke with at City Hall told me they do not pick up any sick or injured animals, even injured dogs or cats. I can’t believe it! You always called the Police or Animal Control for any kind of sick or injured animal. She said they will pick up unleashed animals only. She said to call a rescue group and gave me the number for the Animal Rescue League in Boston (they are closed on Mondays). I think the city is headed for financial bankruptcy because of unnecessary spending (High School, Green Line Ext. etc.) but moral bankruptcy seems not far behind. This is just one more issue that makes me disgusted.

1. Make it a rule that all departments have a live person answer the phone!

2. Fix Broadway from Central St. to McGrath Hwy. It is in terrible condition. We drive down here everyday and it is one of the bumpiest in the city. Spend some of that Green Line Ext. money on this.

3. Wasting millions on a new high school. Renovations could have sufficed. Wait until we have to start paying all this money back. Whatever price they say it is going to cost add $100 million.

4. Green Line Extension. What a waste of money, we have public transportation that already goes there. All this so people can get home 15 minutes earlier.

5. Closing the Ball Square Bridge for a year. Bigger projects than this have been done by doing half and half. I can’t believe that they will close the main thoroughfare in our city without regard for the inconvenience and financial burden it is going to put on individuals and businesses in the area. There should be a class action law suit to make them rethink this total closure.

6. Extended bridge and road closures throughout the city. What are these engineers thinking of?

7. Closing the ramp and tunnel near Target. What was the reasoning behind this? It was put there originally for a reason, RESTORE IT !!!

I know that the Somerville (NOT THE VILLE) that I grew up in is gone but this is all way too much.

Just Blowing Off Steam,

Bill Gioiosa


“The Bird Died”

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