Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Rodrigo SETTE-DE AGUIAR (Operate MV w/Revoked License as HTO, Attaching Wrong MV Plates, A&B PO, Resisting Arrest…)

On Monday, August 08, 2018, while on full uniform patrol in marked unit 784, I (Officer Patrick Canty) was on routine patrol at Pearl Street and McGrath Highway, when I randomly queried Ma Tag xxxx. The response from CJIS showed the plate to have a canceled status on a Toyota Sienna. The car that the License Plate was on is a Ford Ranger pickup truck. I immediately conducted a motor vehicle stop using my blue lights and siren. The driver accelerated and turned on to Bonair Street, then on to MacArthur Street, where he pulled over and parked.

The driver immediately exited the vehicle. I ordered him back in the vehicle and he stated “It wasn’t me”. I ordered him back in the vehicle twice more, and the driver continued to walk towards me. I order him again back in the truck, and he pushed in my chest and shoulder, sending me backwards. The driver, Rodrigo Sette, began to flee on MacArthur Street toward Bonair Street.

I screamed “Police, Stop”. He continued to run turning Eastbound on Bonair Street. I was able to catch up to him, again ordered him to stop. I was able to grab his arm, and using my training I placed him in an arm bar, and escorted him to the ground. Sette continued to resist and grabbed my legs and attempted to bite me. I was able to free my leg, and Sette now pulled his arms under his chest and clenched them tightly. I ordered Sette to stop resisting numerous times in the struggle, and he continuously ignored my commands. I was able to gain control of one wrist, however Sette attempted to bite my arm. Marked unit 781, Officer Tim Van Nostrand arrived on scene and was able to help hand cuff Sette.

Sette was transported to the Somerville Police station in marked transport unit 200 (Officer Justin Brown) and booked in the usual manner by the Commander (Lt. Richard Lavey), for the above charges.

Sette had no Identification and stated his last name was Agular. Detective Alan Monaco was able to find his true identity in CJIS as Rodrigo Sette. Sette has a Revoked Massachusetts Driver’s License.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Patrick Canty 306.

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