Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Cody DOMINGS (Drug Possess A, Resisting & Everett Warrant)

The following is a brief summary of the incident. It does not contain every minute detail of the arrest. On the above date and time, while assigned to the Somerville P.D. Narcotics Unit, working in an undercover capacity, operating an unmarked motor vehicle, I observed XXXX and an unidentifiable W/M walking westerly on Broadway from Franklin St. I alerted the other members of the Unit that I was following XXXX due to his activity/arrests with narcotics, firearms, and assaults. At some point along Broadway from Franklin St. to Cross St., Dets. F. Cicerone, J. Costa, C. Goncalves, and G. Legros joined in the rolling surveillance. Det. Cicerone recognized the other male companion as Cody Domings from 82 Gilman St. I am familiar with Mr. Domings from previous interactions, specifically from serving a Search Warrant at 82 Gilman St for drug activity. I am also familiar with Domings from from periodic surveillances throughout the last several years. Det. Costa informed me that Domings had an outstanding Default Warrant (Docket # 1650CR002068) for Possession of Class A.

Det. Costa called into Somerville Control to confirm the existence of the Default Warrant on defendant Domings and Somerville Control confirmed said warrant. Once that confirmation was received, I instructed the other units to intercept defendant Domings. The interception occurred at the intersection of Dana St. at Pearl St. I, along with Det. Cicerone, followed by Det. Goncalves and Det. Costa confronted the defendant. I approached Domings and XXXX and I began by saying “Mr. Domings” while reaching into my shirt to pull out my badge. As soon as XXXX observed me (well known to me and I to him), he ran away, up McGrath Hwy., toward Gilman St. As I started to pull out my badge and the defendant recognized me, the defendant attempted to evade me by starting to run toward McGrath Hwy. I grabbed a hold of his right arm and wrist and told him he was under arrest. He attempted to pull away from me. Det. Cicerone joined in and attempted to prevent him from escaping by holding onto his backpack that was still attached to him and his back. He continued to struggle violently with us. Det. Goncalves and Det. Costa had to assist in attempting to handcuff the defendant. The defendant grabbed a hold of my badge and shirt and was pulling on it. He continued to thrash about and refused all commands, given by several of us, to stop resisting and place his hands behind his back. At this time he had to be placed to the ground, in order to gain control of him, in order to handcuff him. I was now on top of him, on the ground with several other police officers, yelling at him to stop resisting and place his hand behind his back. Somehow, someone managed to place one handcuff on one of his wrists. He continued resisting. After several minutes of rolling on the ground, struggling with the defendant, we were able to handcuff him. I might add that the defendant was pouring sweat out of his body and he was very wiry which added to our difficulty in placing the handcuffs on him. I believe that the defendant was under the influence of narcotics at this time of this incident.

While this struggle was on going, the defendant seemed very confused about the situation. We stated to him, numerous times, the reason for the stop and arrest. Each time it was explained to him, he appeared to be more confused. He kept asking the same questions over and over. He stated that he did not know who we were. He clearly did know me from past interactions. While at the booking window, he made several statements in the presence of Off. Justin Buswell, regarding his distaste for me. He stated that I have had it in for him because he dated my daughter (falsehood), that I have arrested him 5 times previously (partial truth), and that I executed a Search Warrant on his residence several years ago related to drug activity (truth).

Once the defendant was handcuffed and I was in control of him, a call was placed to the S.P.D. for the prisoner Transport Van, Wagon #200. Off. J. Buswell arrived on location with Wagon #200. Prior to his arrival, Det. Cicerone patted the defendant down and recovered a small piece of tin foil from the defendant’s right side cargo pocket. Det. Cicerone opened that tinfoil in the presence of the defendant and myself, and Det. Cicerone recovered the following: 1 small glassine bag, containing a brown, powdery substance ( preliminarily identified as Heroin), with a preliminary weight of @ 0.5 grams. Det. Cicerone handed me the package and I took custody of the package at this time. The defendant was advised of his charges and transported to the Station via Wagon #200 Off. Buswell where he was booked and advised of his rights by Lt. W. Rymill. As a direct result of this violent struggle, I injured my left side upper chest and lower back and will file the necessary reports. I will seek medical attention if the condition persists.

The glassine bag with the brown, powdery substance has been photographed and cataloged as a result of the arrest/seizure. It will be forwarded to the State Police Lab for further analysis.

Respectfully submitted,

Det. James McNally #80

Somerville Police Dept.

Narcotics Unit

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