Letter to the Editor:Cops Are Amazing People I Support Them 100%

I saw this on Face Book from a friend that was in need last night and SPD came thru not only last night but again today. I wanted to post that SPD officers are still there in the neighborhood helping where they can:

Message 1 posted from: Shannon Christine McCarthy

Tonight I wanna thank Somerville Police for helping in a rough situation tonight. Usually I don’t open up like this but what happened is worth talking about. So I have severe depression & a social disability I struggle with daily. A lot of people would probably say to me “your full of it”. Tonight was the worst night but a blessing. I’ve been struggling to find a job for months. We barely can afford to even live some days. So of course I had a mental breakdown cause of stress. I snapped. I could say I hate my neighbors for getting involved and calling me the shit they did tonight but I think my Mom was looking over me and seeing my pain. I cried to the cops and said “here’s my fridge empty & I’m trying to better my life. I’m struggling and I miss my Mother everyday”. The cop pulled out his wallet and said here’s $100. I said no I can’t take this. Cop said “yes you need to. I was homeless too once”. Thank you so much Officer for helping my family. Tonight was a blessing in disguise and I feel greatful. When tonight I was ready to say life wasn’t worth living for, SPD showed me otherwise.

Moral of the story: Cops are amazing people. I support them 100%.

Message 2 posted from: Shannon Christine McCarthy

1 hr ·

The blessings keep coming. Somerville Police has done so much for us the last 2 days. Today our favorite Officer and our long time friend Tony Manzelli heard the call from last night worried. Came to our house for a long chat, gave us last of the money he had on him, then offered us services to help me find a job…then 2 minutes later the Officer who talked to me last night came to us with 10 bags of food as I sat there crying. Who knew asking for help for the first time in my life would lead to all this. I feel so blessed for the support. So thankful. 💙

Millie McCarthy

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