Homeless Man at the Controls In Somerville

By William Tauro

Two weeks ago we wrote about the disgusting and filthy situation of overgrowth vegetation as well as the serious floodings of stagnant water that has accumulated at the McGrath Highway overpass where the conditions remain deplorable.

The amount of mosquitoes and the wreaking stench of polluted stagnant water and urine making it a very bad and unhealthy situation for the residents and businesses along side the abandoned highway.

This is posing a serious health risk to the commuters as well that travel by this overpass every day to and from work.

Last week we also wrote about how a newly formed community of homeless people have barricaded themselves with their own padlocks beneath the overpass in the closed off tunnel.

They are using their own padlocks keeping city employees out from entering underneath the McGrath Highway bridge where they have began to using it as living quarters as well as an enormous restroom.

Mounds of trash bags of accumulated possessions harvested by the homeless inhabitants form a fortress around the gates preventing city workers to even reach the padlocked entrance areas.

Now this week we take you to the mechanics of the overpass and tunnel where a homeless man is now at the helm using a vital traffic signal electric control box on McGrath Highway for a storage cooler!

As you can see in the photo, he has begun to store his possessions within the box’s compartments, inches away from all the vital controls that run the traffic control lights for that section of the highway.

We are now wondering what happens if this homeless man makes the green lights go red and the red lights go green? Who will be responsible if somebody gets into a serious accident and/or even gets killed because of this safety hazard?

Again we ask, what is going on in Somerville? What is being done to correct the unsanitary and unsafe disaster under the McGrath Highway Overpass and closed off tunnel?

Why is the tunnel and overpass even closed at all in the first place after the taxpayers shelled out millions of hard earned dollars to renovate the entire structure only a couple of years ago?

Where is the Somerville Board of Aldermen while this is going on? Where is the mayor and why is he allowing this to happen? Where is the Somerville Chamber of Commerce with their outrage over this deterioration of our gateway to our fine city as well as the serious economic impact that this is causing to the many local businesses along the overpass and tunnel to fail?

As usual It seems that every time we expose the problem it falls upon deaf ears and nothing ever gets done to rectify this serious situation. You just can’t make this stuff up!

This story is still developing…

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