Somerville Speakup Line: Your Thoughts on Selective Robo Calls and Notifying the Public

our elected officials, the Board of Aldermen, the mayor and his administration can easily blast out a Robo call to the residents of Somerville that the fireworks are still on for Thursday night but they can’t do a Robo call and warn all the property owners that this transfer tax and demolition ordinance is sneaking through unbelievable! What are your thoughts?

One thought on “Somerville Speakup Line: Your Thoughts on Selective Robo Calls and Notifying the Public”

  1. The city also sent out a tax bill and a water bill – a rejected opportunity to direct mail every homeowner (including the high percentage of absentee owners and acknowledging direct mail is the only route to reach these property owners). IMO we need to start thinking of all these anti-propertyowner initiatives. The downzoning is a far greater catastrophic loss financially to 2 family owners in RB zones. The right of first refusal is a greater financial loss across the board – impacting all property owners. We’re ignoring the forest for the tree. Yes the transfer tax must be defeated. All of these proposals must be defeated. We must all take up the cause, even if you think it doesn’t affect you. Its a slippery slope of the city taxing and taking. I am an owner occupied multi family, though I may not personally be affected by the transfer tax, I attended the meetings, testified, and emailed multiple times. My property is badly affected by the RB to NR zoning; I would ask that people fight and register their opposition to all the proposals. As for the robocall – it doesnt meet the measure of informing the constituency – it would reach a small fraction of people, and a mix of renters and owners. It likely would miss a huge percentage of property owners. What is needed I would suggest is a full explanation complete with con and pro positions, on transfer tax, downzoning, and 1st right. Direct mailed to every property owner. Anything short of that is completely insufficient; hence for the city to suggest this process is inclusive and transparent is a steaming pile of BS. Time to elect representatives that will inform and conduct the business of the people instead of running the Mayor’s agenda.

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