By Bob Katzen

House 151-2, Senate 38-0, approved and sent to Gov. Baker a bill funding various state programs to construct and preserve affordable housing in the Bay State.

Provisions include $400 million for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund that funds a myriad of programs including help for first-time homebuyers; $100 million for the creation of rental housing that is affordable for working families whose incomes are too high for subsidized housing but are priced out of market rents; $600 million to rehabilitate and modernize existing public housing; $60 million for disabled persons and seniors to renovate and modify their homes; and $45 million for grants to non-profits for early education and out-of-school time program facilities that serve low income children.

Supporters said many people are being priced out of the housing market in the Bay State and the high cost of housing strains already stretched family incomes. They noted the package is a major step toward ensuring Massachusetts develops enough affordable housing.

The two opponents of the package did not respond to Beacon Hill Roll Call’s requests to provide their reasons for voting against the measure.

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