Recognizing Somerville Heroes, A Hardy Family Hero Salute

By William Tauro

A lot of great people have come out of this wonderful city of Somerville. Many of them have fought and died for our country.

These brave individuals of the Hardy Family that I write about here are a perfect examples of the Somerville Hometown Heroes, the Hardy Brothers and Sisters.

Walter and Mary Hardy were blessed with eleven children, nine sons and two daughters.

Walter, Edward, Robert, John, Mary, Alfred, William, James, Francis, Irene and George.  Out of the nine boys, seven served in the military from WWII, Korea and the Cold War.  The other 2 sons did not serve in the military.  Their sons did though.

The sons that served in the WWII were Robert, John, Alfred and William.

Robert who served with 542 Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment (Pacific) New Guineu, Solomn Island Letey Southern Philippines.

John, Born in Boston, he grew up and attended school in Somerville. He had worked for the B&M Railroad while in high school and joined the Army when he was 21. He was a WWII Army Veteran who served with the 8th Army in Europe, Technical Sargent. John Hardy campaigned and fought in Normandy, Northern France, and Germany. He was a POW at the Battle of the Bulge and was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart and the Combat Infantryman Badge. He was a 32 year employee of the MBTA.

Alfred born in Boston he grew up in Somerville. He left high school at age 18 to join the Army during WWII, serving with the 284th Combat Engineers. He was severely wounded on March 17, 1945 by a V-2 rocket while defending the Ludendorff Bridge (The Bridge at Remagen) and was awarded the Purple Heart. Mr. Hardy was a former employee of the B & M Railroad and also a 32 year employee of the City of Somerville. He was a member of James A. Logan Post , VFW Post 388 and the Somerville City Club. He was awarded his Somerville High School diploma in 2000 in honor of his service to his country.

William served in the 1st Cav. Division in Japan 46-47 Army Occupation

James served with the 25th Infantry Division in Korea, Army 51-53

Francis served in Korea US Army 53-55 Occupation

George served in Germany, Cold War.

The two girls, Mary and Irene, Mary’s husband Paul, served in US Navy WWII.  Irene’s husband, Raymond, served in the US Navy.

Mr. Walter Hardy served as the nation as the black out warden for the Lincoln Park area. Walter and Mary’s grandsons served in the service also.

Walter’s sons: Bob was in the US Army, date unknown.  Walter served in Vietnam, US Marines. John Served in the US Army in Vietnan for two tours.

Edwards sons who served were Edward Jr. and Dennis

Roberts son, Robert Jr served in Vietnam 67-68, 1st Cav Div Airmoble Medic

Marys’ son John served in the US Army, 20 years, dates unknown.

James son, James Jr. served in the US Air Force

Alfred sons Alfred Jr served in the US Marines, Vietnam 66-67.  James served in US Army, dates 69-70 in Vietnam

The only living children living out of the original siblings are Francis and George.

We sincerely thank them for their contributions to our country and for making Somerville a better place for all.


1) Walter and Mary Hardy

2) Bob Sr in 1945 and Bob Jr in 1968

3) Walter with 7 of his sons 1955 (left to right: Al, James, Bob, Eddie, Franny next to his father, Bill, Sonny – Jack and George not present)

4) Walter and Mary with their children (left to right: Irene, way in back James, Bob, Billy, Al, Franny, Eddie, George, Jackie and Mary

5) Hardy party picture taken in the 80’s

5 thoughts on “Recognizing Somerville Heroes, A Hardy Family Hero Salute”

  1. I am so proud to be part of this Family,and have so much respect for all my family who served their country Thank You

  2. And yet when I see people disrespecting our flag I think of our country and the disrespect for Americans like this. The real Americans.

  3. I worked with Al Hardy at the Northeastern Jr High School when I first started working for the City of Somerville in 1980 He eas the nicest guy to me as a young guy just starting out on the City then we parted ways for awhile a then meet up again working together at the Healey school until he retired But we always remained Friends and i eould stop by to see Al all good Memories i will never forget RIP my friend Alfred Hardy i miss you! Until we meet again. ❤

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