Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Woodly DODIEU (PWID D Susq., Furnishing False Name or SSN, Op MV w/License Susp)

The following is a brief summary pertaining to Incident #18027332. It does not contain every minute detail of the incident

On 5/08/18 around 8:03 p.m., while assigned to the Somerville Police Narcotics Unit and working in plain clothes capacity, my attention was drawn to a dark colored motor vehicle with excessive tint that was parked in a posted no parking zone on New Washington Street, a public way within the city of Somerville. Attached to the vehicle was MA Reg # xxxx. I queried the plate into CJIS and the registration status came back SUS/NONR – (suspended non renewable) with the registered owner having two active warrants.

I radioed the information to the rest of the Narcotics Unit (Detectives Cicerone, Costa, Goncalves, and McNally) and Sgt. Detective Capasso who was in the area also responded since he was operating an unmarked cruiser with blue lights and sirens.  Shortly after the arrival of Sgt Det Capasso, I observed the vehicle moving on New Washington Street toward Innerbelt Road. Sgt Det. Capasso activated his blue lights and effected a motor vehicle stop on New Washington Street. As we approached the vehicle with our badges displayed, we identified ourselves as Somerville Police Officers. The operator rolled down the window and asked the reason for the stop. A strong odor of marijuana was emanating from the vehicle. Sgt Capasso requested to see his license and registration. The operator stated that he did not have his license or wallet in possession. He immediately handed Sgt Det. Capasso a piece of paper with an already handwritten name of “XXXX, date of birth xxxx, license number xxxxx, and social security # of xxxxx”. He stated that was his information. I would like to note that the paper he gave us is the registration of the vehicle we stopped. We ran the information in CJIS and the RMV picture associated with the information looks nothing like the operator.  Due to the suspended status of the registration, I asked the unidentified male to exit the vehicle because it was subject to a tow.

As we waited the arrival of Pats Tow, I asked him to give me his social security again. He stated that he could not remember it.  To convince us of who he is, he voluntarily unlocked his phone to show us his Facebook page. The pictures on the Facebook page were his, however, he had a different name and date of birth. I asked why is it that the date of birth he gave me does not match the one on his Facebook – he claimed that he created the Facebook a long time ago. He also requested that we allow him to call his girlfriend so that she could confirm his identity. We gave him his phone and from his contact list he selected a lady saved under the name “XXXX”. Sgt Det Capasso briefly explained the situation to her and asked her to confirm the identity of the male. The lady told Sgt Det Capasso that the unidentified male’s name is “YYYY”.

Based on the suspended status of the registration, I decided to tow the vehicle. An inventory of the vehicle was conducted per department policy and four separates baggies of Marijuana packaged in a way suggesting retail sales were recovered along with a digital scale consistent with the type that can be used to weight drugs. A diaper baggie cut at the end corners was also recovered. The plastic bag with cut corners is a common packaging method used by narcotic distributors. The content is often placed in the corners of the bag, secured by tying a knot and then cut from the back – leaving the cut bag in the same shape and form of a diaper. Two of the larger bags were in a backpack belonging to the unidentified male, one in plain view in the cup holder with the digital scale, and the other in the center console. In my training and experience, the packaging of the Marijuana, and the drug paraphernalia found in the car are consistent with drug distribution. I decided to place the male under arrest for Drug, Poss To Distrib Class D.

At the booking window, the suspect provided the same information that he gave us during the stop . After being booked and fingerprinted, the information returned with the name of Woodly Himler Dodieu DOB xxxx.  We ran the name in CJIS, and his real RMV picture came up with a suspended license and a drug conviction on his BOP. Based on this discovery, I charged him with Operating after Suspension, Furnishing a False Name/ Social Security Number and Possession with Intent to Distribute Class D, subsequent offense. I also issued MA Citation # R7096400 to Mr. Dodieu.

Respectfully submitted,

Det. Guerdy Legros #280

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