Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Corinne NURSE-SHERROD (Conspiracy / Natick and Boston Warrants) & Angela COOPER-SHERROD (Utter & Poss Counterfeit Note)

The following is a summary of facts pertaining to incident # 18027354:

On Tuesday, May 8, 2018, I was assigned to marked unit East 2. At approximately 10:39 pm, I was dispatched to Star Market, located at 14 McGrath Highway for the report of counterfeit money. Somerville Dispatch stated that an employee reported that someone was passing a counterfeit $100 dollar bill at register #7. Officer Lorenti (East 3) responded as backup.

On scene, we were met by the reporting party, XXXX. I asked XXXX if the person who passed the counterfeit bill was still in the store. XXXX said no. XXXX pointed to an African American female walking across the parking lot and told me that was her. Officer Lorenti and I drove over to the female to have a conversation.

I asked the female what her name was. She told me her name was Angela. I asked Angela if she had any identification. Angela handed me a Massachusetts Driver’s License (xxxx) at which point we were able to positively identify her as Angela Cooper-Sherrod. I asked Angela if she knew the two $100 dollar bills she used in the store were counterfeit. Angela said that the girl at the counter had told her. I asked Angela if she knew where she got them. Angela said she got them at XXXX Supermarket, located in Dorchester. Angela said, “I had too many 20’s, so I went to XXXX Supermarket to change them into 100’s”. I asked Angela why she wanted to change the 20’s into 100’s. Angela said because she had too many 20’s. She then took out a $20 bill from her pocketbook and said “here you can have this too.”  I asked her why she would give this to me and she replied “because I don’t want it.  I thought this to be odd, but it was a legitimate bill and I handed it back to her.

I asked Angela why she came to Star Market in Somerville. Angela said she came to buy meat. I asked Angela if there were any supermarkets closer to her house. Angela said she thought so, but she didn’t like some of them. Angela said this Star Market was open later. It is important to note that the Star Market located on Morrissey Blvd in Dorchester is open until 12 am as well. Angela stated she drove to this location. I asked her where her car was. Angela said her sister, later identified as Corinne Nurse-Sherrod had it. She added that her sister was waiting for her in the car, but left while she was in the store.  I asked Angela if her sister was coming back to pick her up. Angela said she did not know. I recommended that she could call her sister to come pick her up. Angela dialed a number and a few moments later told me her sister did not answer. Angela repeated this with the same result a few more times. Angela said the car was a rental, a white Nissan Versa. I asked if I could have her sisters cell phone number to try and call her. Angela said her sister didn’t have a cell phone number, she said she was calling her on the Facebook messenger app.

At that time, I received a call from Detective Mark Pulli. Detective Pulli said he was on a detail but heard the nature of the call. He told me that he had an ongoing case (see incident # 18027142) and wanted to see if the serial numbers of the $100 dollar bills matched. The serial numbers, which were identical on both bills, matched the serial number from incident 18027142 (sn). I then asked Detective Pulli to respond to my location as Angela’s explanation was not adding up.

I asked XXXX what Angela was trying to buy. She said she tried to buy 2 packs of party wings and a package of honey smoked bacon. I asked XXXX if Angela was in the store alone. XXXX said she was not. She said she was with another African American female, wearing black leggings and had a band aid on her face. Lisa told me that the girl waited in the store by the window and watched our interaction with Angela. XXXX said that after a few minutes the girl left the store and walked past us towards Gore Street in Cambridge. I told XXXX I remembered that female walking by. I asked Officer Lorenti, Officer Canty, Officer DaCosta,  who had also responded, if they could search that area and try to locate the female. I provided the officers with the description I was given and told them that the female could possibly be driving a white Nissan Versa. After a few minutes, Officer Canty radioed me that they had located a female fitting that description exiting a Jeep in the area of 7th Street. Cambridge PD responded and assisted in stopping the female, who was now in Cambridge. She was later identified as Corinne Nurse-Sherrod, Angela’s sister.

Detective Pulli went to that location to talk to Corinne (see incident # 18027354-2).

After speaking with Detective Pulli about his conversation with Chorine, both Angela and Corinne were placed under arrest.  Officer DaCosta conducted a search incident to arrest of both females during which she located a third counterfeit $100 bill with the same serial number in Angela’s wallet.  They were both then transported to the station in unit 200 by Officer Radochia where they were booked in the usual manner by Lt. Lavey. Angela is being charged with Counterfeit Note, Utter c267 S10, Counterfeit Note, Possession c267 S12, and Conspiracy c274 S7. Corinne is being charged with Conspiracy c274 S7. Corinne also had active warrants out of both Boston District Court (ref #WR5237369TC) and Natick District Court (ref # WR5363657TC).

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Shaun Clark #321

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