A Note From Somerville’s Lucille Marie Bordonaro

Yo ho Mayor Joe – you are the greatest Schinuck!

You are not even half the man Dante is. Dante and his beautiful family all have love and great respect for people. You have a superego. How do you fit in your office door with such a huge ego?

You and your sister the other phony are like to please in a pod. You are a Schmo Joe. You, Commissioner Kotex (Mr. DPW)and all your crooked ass lickers have screwed more people than the John’s.

You are a bad example for Johns. You and your sister are a disgrace to the Italian race. You and her are a loveless and have no shame.

Who the hell do you think you are? King of the toilet? You should go flush away all your sins. Now it is Dante Defronzo, who will be next? If you have an itch, I advise you to scratch it- do not pray on innocent people.

Let the good people unite together as one or we will perish. Fight every fiber of your being. Don’t be a spectator, be a participator. I intend to be heard. My well wishes go out to all the Defronzo’s (#1) Family!


Lucille Marie Bordonaro, A Sicilian Forever

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