Mass State Treasurer Deb Goldberg Kicks Off Re-Election Campaign

By William Tauro

Massachusetts State Treasurer Deb Goldberg posted “I want to thank everyone who helped kick off my re-election campaign!” “I am so grateful that after a full day of chemo my Mom was determined to be there AND WAS!!! And Mr. Speaker – you were amazing!” “Then everyone must agree this little guy, Nolan, wins cutest supporter award! No competition there!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!! Hugs!”

We here at The Somerville News Weekly feel that Massachusetts State Treasurer Deb Goldberg is doing an awesome job and that she really cares about the concerns of the people.

Since elected in 2014, Treasurer Deb Goldberg has applied commonsense business practices and innovative solutions to bring each area under her responsibility to the next level of performance.

She seeks to lead through creative and new approaches. Embracing cutting-edge technology, implementing practical business strategies, and developing public-private partnerships help her office better serve all of the citizens of the Commonwealth.

Her sixteen departments, agencies, and initiatives have a wide range of services, including deferred compensation and retirement plans, Veteran’s benefits, Unclaimed Property, the Clean Water Trust and more.

Treasurer Goldberg has also embraced her Office of Economic Empowerment to better learn about working with and empowering families and children through bridging the wage gap, increasing access to financial education, and our innovative college savings plans.

In every area of the Treasury, Treasurer Goldberg and her team strive to ensure economic stability, economic security, and economic opportunity for every Massachusetts resident.

We here at the Somerville News Weekly totally support her re-election campaign.

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