Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Andrew PALIOTTO (Disorderly)on Washington Street

On 02/24/18, I, Officer Christopher Collette was assigned to Somerville marked unit East One. At approximately 22:18 hours I was dispatched to xx Washington St. for a Psych Emergency. A male had requested a check condition on his thirty three year old son. Officer Pavao was dispatched as well. Once on scene I spoke to XXXX. He stated that he found his son, later identified as Andrew Paliotto, sitting in the common hallway of his apartment building. He stated that Mr. Paliotto was mumbling. He advised me that Mr. Paliotto is Bi-Polar and he would like Mr. Paliotto transported to Cambridge Hospital.

I found and approached Mr. Paliotto. Upon seeing me he began to accost his father with foul language. I was able to calm him, and I separated both parties. As I spoke with him, I found that he had no issue in answering my questions. After speaking with Mr. Paliotto for some time I did not believe Mr. Paliotto posed any imminent threat of serious bodily harm to himself or others, and he appeared to be able to care for himself. I asked that he go to the hospital. He refused. As I spoke more about the hospital, he became aggressive and began to scream at his father, threatening to beat him up. In a conversational tone of voice, I told him calm down and stop threatening his father. He ignored me and continued to threaten his father, screaming threats at him, and he became animated, throwing his arms about. I’d like to note, that this tumultuous behavior occurred in the common hallway of an apartment building at approximately 22:40 hours.

Mr. Paliotto became increasingly animated and ignored several of my requests to quiet down and disengage from his father. Finally in a loud and authoritative tone, I ordered him to stop yelling. He again ignored me and continued screaming and threatening his father. I then grasped his right arm in an attempt to bring him under control. He turned his attention to me. He was now yelling at me.

It became clear that Mr. Paliotto would not cease his loud threatening behavior. I then placed Mr. Paliotto under arrest for disorderly conduct as I determined that his loud threatening statements directed at his father, and shouted in such a loud and tumultuous manner clearly created or risked a situation rising to public inconvenience, annoyance, and alarm. Mr. Paliotto’s behavior quickly settled after being placed under arrest. After Mr. Paliotto had been removed from the building I observed other tenants enter the hallway to see what had happened. I advised XXXX of his right to apply for a restraining order, which he declined.

Respectfully submitted,

Patrolman Christopher Collette, B#302

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