Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Bryan KELLEHER (Disorderly, Trespass)

On Saturday, February 10. 2018, while on full uniformed patrol in marked unit 781, I(Officer Patrick Canty) was dispatched to XXXX in Assembly Row for a report of an unwanted Party. Marked unit 784(Officer Shaun Clark) was dispatched as back up. Upon arrival, I was flagged down by Assembly Row Security Officer, XXX. XXXX was pointing to a male party. I attempted to identify the party and he refused. I spoke with XXXX who stated the male was cut off and then asked to leave. XXXX stated the male refused to leave. XXXX then trespassed him from the property. I would like to note that Assembly Row is privately owned and operated by Federal Realty Company.

I went to speak with the party involved, later identified as Bryan Kelleher. Kelleher was extremely intoxicated and told me he didn’t have to leave public property. I explained to him that Assembly Row is private property and they would like him trespassed. I asked Kelleher to leave once again. Kelleher stated “this is why I fucking hate cops.” He began to raise his voice and cause a scene. I would note Kelleher was now standing in front of XxXX frequented by families. There were numerous people that stopped and gathered due to Kelleher’s behavior. There was a small group of underage females, and he began yelling at them to “Suck his dick.”  I explained to him numerous times, I didn’t want to arrest him, and we offered to call a cab. He refused and demanded we drive him. I told him per our department policy we could not give rides and he again began to cuss us out. At this point, cars were slowing causing traffic and numerous more people had gathered for the scene he was causing. this began to disrupt traffic, and cause other pedestrians to have to walk in the street because of the blocked sidewalk. Numerous parents had to move their children away because of his language.

I explained to him he was becoming disorderly, and he stated then arrest me. I complied with his request, and placed Mr. Kelleher under arrest for Disorderly conduct and trespassing.

As we waited for the transport wagon , Kelleher continued to cuss and yell for people to film this. He again yelled at the young group of children to “suck his dick” He then started yelling at Officers, “that we were only tough because I am in cuffs, and you wouldn’t talk shit if I wasn’t behind bars.”

Kelleher was transported to the Somerville Police Department by marked transport wagon 200( Officer Justin Brown) and booked in the usual manner by the Commander (LT. William Rymill).

Once Kelleher was off scene, the group of teenage girls approached Officer Clark and I, and stated “that man was scary, he said he knew we were young but would talk to us anyway”.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Patrick Canty 306

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