Somerville Speakup Line:Subjected to Many Years of Negative Criticism

Dear Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line,

Being subjected to many years of negative criticism regarding ” not supporting the ARTS” from all those that support the Armory endeavors.  I feel like many others in our community it is time to expose some things that are clearly wrong.  But no matter what the grace never goes away because it is something that others want and do not care what occurs as a result.  Because they do not live here everyday and have to deal with it.

I truly understand this may seem pretty but as an abutter who continues to try to ensure our neighborhood is respected and the rules and regulations that were agreed upon are followed.  Sadly to report the in-actions by some prove I am right that the respect to everyone that has any interaction in the area of the Armory is not important.  The kids, seniors, dog walkers, Mail Carrier etc. all have to cross the street when attempting to pass the rear of the building because they chose not to maintain the sidewalk that abutts their property for the second snow fall in less than a couple of weeks.

Let the community, elected officials and the enforcers decide who is right!

A neighbor who cares!

John L. Sullivan

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