Somerville Speakup Line:Message of Thanks to Somerville DPW Charlie Roche.

Hi Frankie:

I’m writing this is that, since I don;t have his number and figure you might, I wanted to thank Charlie Roche. He was driving the plow that does our neighborhood as he usually does. I’ve known Charlie since childhood. The hospital has a new snow removal contractor and they’re not used to what to do, so they were piling the snow over to our side of the street. Charlie helped get things straightened out.

More importantly–and I want to thank him for this in particular–yesterday morning around 5:30 when I got in from work, I saw my neighbor Dave Smith shoveling his car out from the spot so he could get out. Dave’s 62 or so and has had a pretty rough patch the past couple of years. His wife Rose is not in a good way. She’s currently over in rehab in Medford and has early onset dementia and a bunch of other problems. He was using a shovel with a busted handle and was just generally struggling. I went and got the two shovels on my porch and started helping him. The snowbank was 3 or 4′ wide along the street. Just about that time, here comes Charlie up the hill (he’d worked all night as well). He saw us out there and stopped to make a closer cut such that Dave was able to get into his car so he could go over to see Rose. It was a classic random act of kindness and speaking for myself, knowing what Dave’s been up against lately, it meant a LOT. I ‘ll probably see Charlie around eventually, but wanted to get that message to him. Hopefully you can help.

I hope you’re feeling better. “The Children” need you to be on the job!

Take care Bruddah!


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