Somerville Speakup Line: Arts at The Armory Not Being Good Neighbors

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

Arts at The Armory property and walkways. More than twenty four hours after the Tuesday three inch snow storm no attempt has been made to clean the perimeter walks, stairs or parking lot.  The reason of my releasing these pictures is at the last Board of Alderman meeting Mr. Niedergang honored the Armory Management for the great work they do.  At times I have differed on how they operate for many reasons, which I have continued to try to resolve to no avail.  Most important I have been somewhat quiet publicly hoping things would change for the better for everyone.

I want to note this is not the first storm that the property has not been shoveled, it is a common occurrence.  If it was not for a neighbor that snow blows the sidewalk during larger storms, it would never get done.  The only attention given around the building is the parking lot and front entry walkways by Armory staff unless otherwise requested. The Hudson St side of the property is regularly neglected both in the winter and during the more seasonable times of the year unless there is a special event being hosted.

Maybe the Ward 5 Alderman should have had his friends stay for the remainder of the last Alderman meeting.  Shortly after he submitted board orders requesting information regarding snow removal tickets and offenses from the Administration.  Apparently he wants to address safety problems related to properties that are not cleaned for pedestrians.   that traverse these busy areas that attract hundreds of people of all ages every day of the week.  Before he assails the City’s hard working DPW crew for pushing the snow back onto driveways.  He should be sure the agencies he supports abide by all the city ordinances, codes and laws before grandstanding publicly and accomplishing nothing.

What’s was especially bothersome was those who took liberty when speaking before the board to ridicule the neighbors who have had to become watch dogs because of issues just like this.  Only to ensure our part of the neighborhood remains enjoyable, safe and a place where we can retreat to our home without disturbances.  Based upon the history of what I have documented I assure there will be many more items for you to print so everyone is apprised of what really happens along our newly forming neighborways.

John L. Sullivan

A neighbor who cares!

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