Real Life Somerville Police Stories: James MENTO (B&E Felony, Person in Fear)

On Thursday, January 18, 2018, while on full uniform patrol in marked unit 781, I (Officer Patrick Canty) was dispatched to 1XX Perkins Street for a reported Breaking and Entering. Marked unit 784 (Officer Shaun Clark) was dispatched as back up.  While en route dispatche stated the suspect is a white male, wearing a tan jacket ,in his 30s or 40s with dark hair. Upon arrival, I met the victim, XXXX.

Mr. XXXX was able to give a better description, he stated it was a white male, with dark hair. The male had dark facial hair, and was wearing a tan pea coat, he described it as being made of wool like material. I relayed the information to Officer Clark and he began to canvass the area with marked unit East 3( Officer Marra).

Mr. XXXX stated he came down to the basement to do change over his laundry, when he noticed approximately half of his laundry was missing. He proceeded to look around the basement and he noticed the suspect standing in the corner. Mr. XXXX asked him who he was and he stated “I’m Jimmy, I am visiting the guy on the third floor”. Mr. XXXX stated he was the tenant on the third floor. The suspect then made an advance at him, putting XXXX in fear and he felt he had to defend himself. XXXX was able to hit the suspect away from him, and retreat. The suspect ran out the door in an unknown direction. I was able to look in the area, there were two duffel bags, the area also contained drug paraphernalia. Also in plain sight was a tan hood, made of wool that seemed to match a pea coat. I also noticed there were several bags of Dunkin Donuts trash and napkins. I told Officer Clark, to check the Dunkin Donuts in the area.

Officers Clarke and Marra notified me they found a male matching the description at the Dunking Donuts on Cambridge St in Charlestown. After numerous attempts the suspect was Identified as James Mento. I would like to note this Dunkin Donuts is approximately a half mile from the scene of the incident. XXXX stated he was willing to do a Show Up, I read him the instructions off of a piece of paper, per department policy. XXXX stated he understood the instructions and signed his name. I had XXXX sit in the rear of my police cruiser, and proceeded to the Dunkin Donuts. Officer’s Marra and Clark had the suspect standing in the parking lot, unobstructed. As we drove by, XXXX stated ” Yup, that’s him, 1-10: It’s a 10 dude.”

I told Officer Clark that it was a positive identification, and Mento was placed under arrest. Mento also had a warrant for his arrest out of Somerville District Court. Please refer to Officer Marra’s supplemental report for the summary of what happened upon their arrival.

Mento Was transported to the Somerville Police station via Unit 200 ( Officer Justin Brown).

I was able to return to the station, and I read Mento his Miranda rights from a card I keep on my person. Mento stated he understood his rights and would be willing to talk with me. Mento stated he met a girl at Sullivan, and she told him about the basement he can stay in. He stated she stays there as well and he only knows her as XXXX. Mento Stated he only went to the building this morning and said, he didn’t break in, he was only trespassing. I asked him if he has permission to be in the home, and he stated No. I would like to note the hood from the scene matched the coat in Mento’s posession.

Mento was booked per the usual manner by the Commander, Sgt. Scott Whalen.

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