Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Antonio FILHO (Larceny Over & Sudbury Warrants)

On December 19, 2017, at approximately 18:40 hours, I was contacted by Saks Loss Prevention Officer XXXXX, requesting assistance with a male shoplifter he had apprehended. Upon arrival, I located XXXXX and the suspect, later identified as Antonio FILHO, in the loss prevention office.

XXXXX told me he watched FILHO enter the store at approximately 18:15 hours, and begin removing sensors from sunglasses on display at the front of the store. FILHO then proceeded to the Shoe Department, where he hid two of the removed sensors inside a boot, later located by XXXXX. In addition to the boot, FILHO also hid a removed sensor in a jacket in another department of the store. XXXXX told me when he apprehended FILHO, he located five pairs of sunglasses, with sensors removed, in a shopping bag FILHO had brought into the store. In total, the sunglasses cost $618.96, plus $31.24 in tax, bringing the overall value to $650.20.

When speaking with FILHO, his story changed multiple times. He lied to XXXXX about his address, telling him he lives at #32, when he really lives at #34, and said he hadn’t been in trouble before, yet had a Massachusetts criminal history. When asked why he had a shopping bag filled with his own clothes, FILHO told me he had just come from his friend’s house, where he had spent the night. Later on in our conversation, he told me his friend lives right next door to him, and then a few minutes later, said his friend lives a few blocks away. When it was pointed out that based on his story, FILHO must have bypassed his own residence with a bag full of clothing, on his way to Assembly Row, instead of dropping the bag off at home on his way from his friends’ house, FILHO immediately started stuttering and couldn’t get his facts straight. It should be noted that it is common for shoplifters to enter stores with bags full of their own clothing, as it is easier to conceal merchandise, and makes them appear to be typical shoppers. I should also note that the bags FILHO was carrying around did not belong to stores located in Somerville, which is another common practice of shoplifters, as they reuse these bags multiple times.

FILHO was adamant he had never shoplifted before, yet removed five sensors on the store floor with apparent ease. Some of the sunglasses were women’s sunglasses; however, FILHO insisted he was keeping all five pairs for himself, and was not selling them to anyone, as is a common trend. He was arrested on an unrelated warrant, Larceny over $250, and Removal of a Theft Detection Device. FILHO was handcuffed (double-locked), transported to the station by Unit 200, and booked in the usual manner.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Reece


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