By William Tauro

Meet this week’s “Special Person of the Week:Alderman-At-Large Jack Connolly

Alderman-At-Large Jack Connolly,  an elected Alderman for all these past years (1984-2005; 2007-2017) here in the Ville!

Over the years, Jack has served during the Mayor Brune, Mayor Capuano, Mayor Roche, Mayor Dorothy Kelly Gay, and present Mayor Curtatone administrations years during his collective tenure!

Jack Connolly is always there to help out and support many good causes here in the Ville and Somerville is very lucky to have Jack and his lovely family in our fine city!

Jack has been there for the planning and building of the Redline together with the Davis Square task force, the Post T rebuilding of Davis Square, the Harvard Vanguard building development, saving the Somerville Theater, planning and building of 212 Elm Street, bringing in businesses such as The Burren, The Diesel Café, the Joshua Tree, securing the Social Security Office, bringing lights and new pathways to Powder House Park, creating the University ‘green belt’ district for the Tufts neighborhood, planning and constructing the community path, and many more accomplishments!

All of these efforts were done with the cooperation and interaction with city administration, state and regional commissions and authorities, neighborhoods and Aldermen and School Committee colleagues in one fashion together.

More recently, the Assembly Square planning and construction, together with the Orange Line Station construction, the emergence of the Green Line extension throughout the City, the plans for the new Somerville High School, the rezoning of Union Square and many other efforts have all been done or will be done only with our mutual cooperation sometimes after heated and protracted debates, discussions, and many neighborhood meetings.

The Connollys are fantastic people with great personalities and they really care about Somerville.

We thank Jack for all his dedicated years in public office serving the people of Somerville!

We here at the Somerville News Weekly salute you both for everything that you do to make Somerville a better place.


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